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  1. With that kind of horsepower, should'nt the quarter mile time be faster than 13.56? Don't get me wrong I think this car is amazing, but that 1/4 mile time has to be wrong. I'm more of a mustang guy myself, but I love all american muscle cars. This is one of the best looking vettes ever!
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    but if u think about it, its only got skinny tires, and that kind of power will let them spin for quite some time.
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    Also remember that the weight of these older sports cars is much more than that of cars today. Even with all that power, this car still weighed 3419 lbs. Thats a lot of weight to move down the strip.
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    Does anyone know what the numbers would be if it had some wide slicks on it?
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    With a Tremec instead of the old Muncie, and a nice pair of Mickey T's, it would probably be around low-mid 11s.
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    forget that year this car was built? 68, that was over 30 years ago the car was heavy at the time. Sure stick this in a new Z06 and you'll be running high 11's<!-- Signature -->
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    these cars were not as heavy as you think. and they tested them with stock poly-glas tires. the 1/4 mile time is probably more like high 11s or low 12s. the times that are listed here are probably for the base model corvette with the big block in it that year.
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    I have found that the 0-60 times and 1/4 mile times of alot of cars on this sight are a bit slower than the true time
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    Well almost every coment i was going to make has already been made by some pretty knowlegeable people. just let me say that any horsepower number listed from a '60's muscle car is in gross hp not net like the society of automotive engineers uses today, so in todays numbers you can figure 30 or so hp less.maybe even less than that
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    I don't know how accurate these figures are, but I've heard times as fast as 10.90 for the quarte mile and 176 mph top end. Did you know that a standard L88 led Le Mans for a while before a gudgeon pin ended all hopes in the middle of the night?<!-- Signature -->
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    The car wasn't really that fast when in 100% stock condition. Since the car was intended for race use, and expected to be used with open exhaust, Chevrolet installed the much cheaper and highly restrictive exhaust option. Racers were expected to simply remove it. Direct from the factory with full exhaust the L88 didn't perfom much better than the ordinary big block Corvette. Car Life recorded a truly disappointing 14.1@106.89 while Hot Rod did slightly better with 13.56@111.10. Those cars had a three speed automatic. In their 8/92 issue, Vette tested a restored car with 4 speed and 4.11:1 gearing and got a 12.542@111.06.
    With open exhaust the car could perform much better, but many of the wild claims you see are a result of some highly modified L88 and ZL1 press cars Chevrolet set up for drag racing - they were not even close to what was sold to the public.

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    All those times I quoted are correct - all were independently recorded and are representative of how the car actually performed with full exhaust in stock configuration. That figure you quoted from the book is nonsense - you would never get such a good E.T. with such a low trap speed unless the timing equipment was extremely inaccurate. In their October 1968 issue, Sports Car Graphic said the L-88 drag car Chevrolet had produced for the press hit an E.T. of 11.15, but trap speeds were in the 125 to 130 mph range. The ZL1 drag car Chevrolet produced was even better, Motor Trend reported the 1/4 in 10.60@132mph in their 10/69 issue. You have to remember that those were highly modified cars set up for drag racing and were very far from what was sold to the public. Duntov himself drove a ZL1 set up for road racing for Road & Track's 5/69 issue - the car did the 1/4 in 12.1@116. That race car was far slower slower than the drag cars but would be faster than any of the street cars could possibly be.

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    yeah, the acceleration isn't the greatest - but the gear ratios are probably way on the low end. Resulting in blinding top speed. It takes a while to get there, but this vette is one sereous performer. It begs to be driven.<!-- Signature -->
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    First of all, this car is ALOT lighter than you people give it credit for. It's actually lighter than an M3 and the new Camaros. The 3.32 gear ratio isn't bad. The new Vettes are running a 3.42. The only reason this Vette wasn't running low 12's to high 11's is the tires. Does anyone realize how far tire techonology has come in 34 years?? Not only that but they're only 7 inches wide compared to the Z06's 9.5 inch monstors. Can you imagine trying to stick 600 hp to the pavement on 68' 7 inch tires??? If this thing could hit 177 mph. witht that gear ratio, then you can bet this car could easily run the quarter in the low 12's all day with the right tires.
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    to this i will add that the l88 was undefeated in can am group racing during seven years from 1968 to 1975.this car is more than a muscle car it is a top of the range supercar!
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    the L-88 and ZL-1 were both rated at 430 hp which was a joke. Both were tuned for wide open headers or race exhaust.. NOT for the restrictive stock system that was put on. Even when tested the cars were built to under-perform. they arrived for testing with an automatic transmission and 3.36:1 gears and stock exhausts. Had Chevrolet built the gears and transmission as they did the L-71/89 .. aka manual trans with 4:11's then the L-88 would’ve easily stomped the L-89 into the ground. The L-88 was never advertised as the high performance racecar it was. People were expected to remove that exhaust, and race the car, since the L-88 and ZL-1 were both designed to never see trips to the grocery store. they were made to race, and were tuned to do so... no fan shroud, jet fuel as a minimum, no radio, no heater (except for 69) etc etc. with the headers on as they should be the L-88 put out approximately 600 hp. the ZL-1 was actually producing slightly less power but with some minor porting 600 was attainable. even with the less power the ZL-1 more than made up for it with the 200+lb weight savings. the L-88s actually were Big Blocks that weighed only 60 lbs more than a small block with their aluminum heads. after all was said and done the ZL-1 BB tipped the scales at 25 LBS LESS then a standard small block. imagine an LT-1 out there with 600 hp. and I do mean literally. the ZL-1 car weighed just a couple pounds over 2800.
    Again, internally the motors were NOT the same. with the ZL-1, the heads along with the specially cast aluminum block, had extra bolt holes to provide additional clamping force between the head and block surfaces. the intake also had an open plenum and some minor differences in the ports. the cam was also slightly different. as with the L-88 the ZL-1 had a HUGE cam that made idling a laborous task... they both sacrificed low end for all out high rpm racing.

    The L-88 was installed from the factory WITH aluminum heads. the ZL-1 was all aluminum. Two ZL-1's were made, and yes one is at Rogers' Corvette Center in Orlando. I believe they are "valued" if you can call it that at 500,000 US.
    5140 forged steel crankshaft
    12.5:1 compression
    Valves: 2.19" intake, 1.84" exhaust
    850 CFM Holley Four-barrell
    high rise aluminum intake
    solid lifter
    .5365" lift on intake side, .5560 exhaust
    duration: 337 intake, 340 exhaust

    7/16" pushrod
    "long-slot" stamped steel rocker arms
    "chicken-wire" screen topping off the carburetor. Those large gaps were to flow air not filter it.
    95 motor octane minimum
    1000 rpm idle, automatics were set to 2k commonly. please keep both feet firmly on the brake while shifting to drive. thank you

    There you have it. Ever major magazine that tested the cars were testing a purposely-DETUNED engine/car. I have a magazine test where they raced the L88 vs. the 427 AC Cobra, and the Cobra got handed second place.
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    Here are the links to the scans of the Cobra vs. L88 race. BTW: This L88 was tuned into the racing gear, with a full header sytem, and Hooker sidepipes.

    BTW: Look at page "3" as it's labeled in the links, and under "Ready to Rock" in the second paragraph it shows that this vette ran an 11.88 at 121 mph. That's cooking for a 1968 American musclecar.
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    BTW: Anyone who claims that the sidepipes helped, but were not legit, can take a look at a GM parts catalogue for part number 3060709. I'll save you the trouble, by saying that they're the sidepipes, as an option for the cars. Long live the L88.
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    I think the HP is inacurate on SC

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