Discussion in '2006 Rolls-Royce 101EX Concept' started by RalphCM, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. kinda nice, but that A-pillar looks kinda weird...
  2. How about changing the rear end of the car, putting better looking rims on it(not pimping style of course, more classy looking) and changing the circular light in the front to something else...otherwise, rolls royce's are good looking cars...this looks like it is suited for some 85 year old guy.
  3. Two words only: Very majestic
  4. ya, its a great-looking ride. but they could've done a better job of it
  5. Rolls Royce is all about their heritage, a fine one at that. Your asking them to completely forget their heritage by suggesting those changes.
  6. for the ubber rich folk..none of witch, any of on will be, unless, you win the lottery, and what are the chances of that...
  7. Or you get off your ass and make yourself rich the normal way. And there are some ubber rich folk on this site. Amenasces(sp?) father has an enzo.
  8. Whoa killer filler if it bites u that u cant buy a it then dont talk abt it simple though even if none of us cant buy it i can still appreciate the car get it

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