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  1. I've seen a show where a guy had a kit-car of one of these!
    It looked stunning!
    Has any of you guys out there an idea of what it would cost and where to order it??<!-- Signature -->
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    Why bother? I mean, kit cars are made so everyone else can make fun of them. Do you really want to be insulted like that from owning a P.O.S. GT-40 kit car???
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    Replicas are the most stupidest thing.

    They are just so companys can make money from people that say they have a cool car. Its stupid to build a car and call it something it isn't. It might look like something, but it isn't.

    I saw some guy on Ebay trying to sell a replica of a 67 Shelby Mustang for over a million dollars. The car was cleary a replica from the description. It might look cool. But when you see a car and look at it, you shouldn't only look at it because of what your eyes see. You should see it has history and have a respect for a car such as the GT40. Thats why replicas are the most stupidest thing to hit the streets.

    If I ever see a replica GT-40, I don't know what I will do, but I'll probably be in jail for awhile <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    kit cars are indeed stupid like the lamborghinis that have a chevy P.O.S. v6
  5. its not hard 2 make a replica , after all you can get the firbe glass parts easily and pretty cheap, and then ford v6 ( not tht hard 2 get ) , but no1 would take it seriously!!!
  6. kit cars are stupid, but nevertheless, usually offer good performance 9not always comparable to the original car, but still good). it costs about $60,000 to get a replica of one of thes from some company in south africa. i read bout this one race across america where the contestants would race at different tracks all over the US and one dude had a replica of a Mk 1. it said it costed bout $60,000, so im guessin thats close.
  7. I don't know if anyone still reads this post, but kit cars CAN be very nice!! I know someone who has spent about $150,000 on a GT-40 replica, and not because he is an idiot. He races it for fun, and it's race preped (very nice, I may add, except for the carb - it's the only thing limiting him). It's loads of fun to take around town and have EVERYONE looking at it. Sure it's a replica, but if you like cars, you'll like this one. It's not all about being the one and only. It's a love for mechanical stuff, the smell of fuel, and a general sense of speed. This car delivers more than just the sense. 100mph is never too far away, even pulling in a tall gear from low speeds. I love 400+ hp, with about 2300 lbs!
  8. Don't talk so much S*it about kitcars. They allow people like the guy who started this topic to live their dream. GT40 kitcars are very popular, and the versions they make are BETTER than the original in performance, quality, and sometimes even looks. You can get one with a beautiful hand-built body, a racing suspension, and a 600+ hp crate V8. I'd love one.

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