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    i dont know y but i think it is funny that this company has the same initials as the klan, which is stupid because they hate everyone except white people, they even hate italians, stupid americans.

    arent italians white?! i dont understand the Klan
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    is the company name pronounced low-tech
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    lol, and hitler is suppose to be a white-power dude, and kkk is from hitler's country...lots of coincidence :p
    but ya ur probably right
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    The Ku Klux Klan turbochargers are the best turbochargers. White people know how to make turbos. I dont trust any foreign crap on my quint-turbocharged beretta. The Ku Klux Clan is awesome. They have the most technology of anyone. Dont forget that.

    P.S. you are stupid idiots and youre crappy turbos suck.
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    I'd have to agree. 3K turbos rock.

    Sieg Heil,
  6. Re: KKK?

    Haha, I'm assuming you weren't serious.
    BTW, you spelled Ku Klux Klan wrong the second time.

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