Kleemann Vs AMG

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  1. This is a nice car but only 5.1 secs for 0-60mph? thats not like AMG, have you all seen the Kleemann Mercedes Benz they can get the 430 CLK to do 4.7 sec, thats somthing special...<!-- Signature -->
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    5.1 is a claimed time..Maybe magazines in future can get it to 4.8secs.MT tested the 2000 CLK55AMG 0-60 in 4.9sec..how can this be slower?<!-- Signature -->
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    hey i work at a Merc dealer in the atlanta metro area. www.mbautowerks.com we are one of seven kleemann dealers in the usa and we just recently built a clk55 kleemann for a gentleman up in new york. go to www.mbautowerks.com and then check out the performance section along with latest projects, the pics and dyno graphs of the car should be up there. we took the thing up to atlanta dragway and beat tons of cars including vipers, zo6's etc. its one hell of a car. in the end the clk 55 amg from merc plus our kleemann add ons ended up to cost about $110k for anyone who is interested give us a call or drop an email and we can build you a car. we are currently building an E55 kleemann that should be something fun and rumor has it an slk 32 kleemann is in the works.

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