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  1. Yet SSC managed to set their record in excess of 400kph without Ehra Lessien. Perhaps Ultimate Aero TT would go even faster on that track?
  2. Agera R hitting 402km/h at the N'Ring with an average driver is much more impressive than any top speed record.
  3. Certainly it would. But as SSC has almost certainly bitten the dust, I'm not sure it really does not matter because the Tuatara is DOA.
  4. No dont say these things. The Tuatara looks too damn good to not be put into production!
  5. Wow! Don't smoke that weed again! You are tripping man...
  6. Are you saying that Ultimate Aero TT on a proper track would be about as fast as Veyron SS?

    Tuatara may not necessarily be DOA. The development cycle for such a tiny manufacturer with such a laughable financial backing may be much longer than one would expect. But as long as they are alive, the chances are that we'll see them finally selling Tuataras.
  7. ~ $4 / sq ft for paving

    Edit: that's for highway quality though. Driveway quality would be closer to $6 / yd^3
  8. it would have to be better than highway quality to do speed runs of 400 kph or over.
  9. you know how I know you're polish?
  10. still, a 5 mile track two lane stretch at $4 a square foot is about 2.5million. I'm surprised nobody has done this yet. Especially considering how much profit could be made by leasing it out for development. I'd imagine getting 5 straight miles of flat land would be the toughest part.
  11. paving a straight line is more expensive then paving a corner. to build a proper flat test track for top speed runs you'd need a minimum road thickness of about 3 feet (of cement) so you wouldn't have to redo it every year. also with the places that have the space for this kind of test facility have winters so the pavement would constantly be buckling and breaking.
  12. Hmm, you mean to tell me theres no empty land some place like mexico?
  13. also hard to built in a place with many drug cartels with better armies than the country they're in.
  14. fair enough, but theres got to be place to do this.
  15. I imagine you can rather easily get some land in the Mojave desert California. That's a sufficiently civilized country, which military is way better than the armies of their drug cartels. The climate is also perfectly stable and very good for long time conservation of anything - dry and warm. As a bonus, there's plenty of dry lakes to chose from. They are perfectly flat so no need in land leveling. It would be also very easy to maintain in all aspects.
    Alternatively, you can find lots of similarly attractive locations in Australia. But that's a bit further from the rest of the world and may be a bit less attractive for leasing.
  16. I am a massive Koenigsegg fan, and i would love to see this happen.
  17. I always wondered why they didn't make just one paved strip in the salt flats.
  18. Apparently, because it would never payback.
  19. Do u know the cost of road work? It's retarded. And to make it big and wide enough and maintain it in the desert, etc. A paved road with cracks and shit is prolly worse than the forever self levelling salt flats. Plus....does it matter once you're up to speed? I know the loose salt kills acceleration but what happens to top end?

    Rocket powered landspeed cars wouldn't care
  20. Damn I should read threads first.
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  22. @Dwade: Don't listen to our resident nutter

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