Koenigsegg Agera R second generation

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  2. I no longer like Koenigsegg. Mabey make an actuall new car for once or is that out of your league since your cars dont sell?
  3. that matte blue is #$%#ing hot though
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    took some pics of a X-bow racing at the FIA GT championship (GT4 Class) at Silverstone in 2010. There's a gallery on this site that should have at least 1 pic of it.
  6. well its an american car so those are the areas wehre it excels
  7. bah, only Koenigsegg's engineering and design prowess could make an engine look this good on display...Ford on the other hand makes very low tech engines, as one would expect from an american company, and I doubt that even Ford would want to put their engines on display.
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    Please do not bother him with those low tech engines
  12. how can a surface be nano
    I don't get it
  13. I got to say though, the original Konigseggs, the CC/CC8S are some of the best looking mid-engined cars, but they went so downhill after that.
  14. Yep. I like Koenigseggs up untill the CCR. All went downhill after that.
  16. true CC8S was great looking car but first prototype was
    even better imo
  17. I remember there being a few different prototypes, some being absolutely terrible
  18. terribible
    the triple taillight solution was so much better than the prototype
    maybe that's why I hate the newest one so much
  19. "New in-house developed engine management system!!!!"
  20. this car has ended up like how the countach did, only worse. Give me the CC 8S any day over this monstrosity
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    Press conference with CvK. Loving that matte blue paint and the carbon fiber wheels.

  22. Anything Matte=fail.
  23. no, the matte blue is amazing
  24. Agreed, matte black has been used too much and was never enjoyable but this matte blue is very hot.

    edit: there was a matte blue Veyron too somewhere which looked excellent.
  25. its still awesome though. ignore raging bull or you'll miss a sweet car thats way more awesome than a dimwitted mosler.

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