Koenigsegg Agera R sets new world records

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ANP, Sep 2, 2011.

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  2. could very well be as it's a freshly built customer car
  3. How much boost does it have
  4. 1.4 bar / 20 lbs
  5. Wow that's a lot, ford engineered a pretty high tech block nice
  6. Ford engines would need a lot more displacement and boost to compensate for the low-tech to get Ksegg level of performance. The same applies to any other american engine.
  7. Yeah you're right americans usually just add displacement but in this case ford did a good job with the agers engine
  8. impossibile, the low-tech DNA of american engines would never allow for such evolution. They could never even begin to design an engine that could compare to the unrivaled engineering/design of Ksegg and their engines.
  9. Don't get mad man im just giving credit to ford for making a pretty awesome engine, I suggest you take my awe as a compliment since this engine is in your favorite car
  10. who said i'm mad? I'm actually loving the fact that no manufacturer could build anything that rivals Ksegg.
  11. And im impressed by fords work
  12. good job ford
  13. It's good to know that I can always count on some of these posts to explain the differences between the low-tech engines of america and the superior engineering of Koenigsegg, but now lets get back to the topic of the record setting times.
  14. "low-tech DNA of american engines would never allow for such evolution"

    it needs to be posted again because that makes no #$%#ing sense
  15. In other words, there's no hope for the american engines to ever be comparable to a Ksegg V8.
  16. i dont get it
  17. I know you're trolling, and it's pretty much played out at this point, but for the sake of argument let's look at the Corvette Z06 (not the ZR1, just the Z06)

    aluminum block and heads (like a Koenigsegg), titanium rods and pistons (probably like a Koenigsegg, I dunno), the Agera R redlines at 7250 rpm and the Z06 at 7100 rpm, the Z06 produces peak power only a couple hundred rpm below the Agera R (this is a good thing), the Z06 uses a dry sump oil system like the Agera R

    the rotating mass of the LS7 is probably a bit more than the Koenigsegg's engine simply because it's displacing 2 more liters so the pistons are probably larger, but the motor still manages to produce similar peak rpm (because high rpm is important, I guess)

    the Koenigsegg needs a couple of turbos to make the 1200 or so horsepower, much like the guys who are making 1200 or so horsepower out of the similar LS7 motor

    again, not sure what's so amazing about a forced induction 5.0

    reminds me of that Vanilla Ice video

    I know you don't give a shit, I know you're taking A LOT of piss here, I know that everyone else doesn't give a shit, but it's getting old
  18. I mean, if you want to do 5.0 vs 5.0, the current Mustang produces peak power at 6500 rpm vs the Agera R's 6900 rpm

    I know everyone talks about the Koenigsegg having a Ford engine, but I'm actually comparing it to a Ford engine, and I'm using the specs that you say are important to you

    whatever, I don't care
  19. let's talk about shift knobs and wiper blades
  20. It still all comes down to the weight of the engine and bhp/l for me. The Ksegg V8 even in its N/A form would still be making well over the magical 100hp/l mark, hell even a restricted engine in the CCGT makes 120hp/l. There's just no comparison.
  21. you're talking about hp/l of a turbocharged engine, which is irrelevant when talking about hp/l

    I mean, my 15 year old Volvo 850 makes 124 hp/l

    and if you want to talk about weight, the Koenigsegg 5.0L engine weighs 434 pounds, the Mustang's 5.0L engine weighs 444 pounds

    not sure what kind of magic Koenigsegg uses to build their engines, but it only saves them 10 pounds

  22. assuming you're correct about the 1.4bars of boost, the ageras engine would produce 465 hp without any boost. Sooo not actually more than 100hp/l

    Simple math. 1 bar of boost effectively doubles the power an engine makes. Thus the 1115hp figure is 2.4 times the natural horsepower [1+1.4=2.4] and so 1115/2.4=465hp
  23. Also, as far as CCGT goes, you are not talking about a street legal car, so the point is useless.

    The 4.0L engine in a GT3RSR made 500hp also restricted. Thats 125hp/l and better yet, they actually made a car street legal with that specification.
  24. well i will tell you what is magical!
    the fact that it is the same engine, but weighs less!
    what did they do

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