Koenigsegg believes Agera R can beat P1, LaFerrari

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    The crew at Koenigsegg is pretty confident the company's Agera R can put some high-end metal in its place. That includes bruisers like the McLaren P1 and the Ferrari LaFerrari, thanks in part to the fact that the Agera R puts down more power than either of its two main competitors. The P1 and LaFerrari also weigh more and boast lower top speeds than the Swedish machine. While speaking at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, Koenigsegg representatives even said they had little doubt the Agera R would be able to turn out a faster lap time than the Pagani Huayra on the Top Gear test track.

    As you may recollect, the Koenigsegg Agear R boasts 1,140 horsepower from its twin turbo 5.0-liter V8. Weighing in at 3,163 pounds, the machine is capable of bolting to 200 miles per hour in a scant 17.68 seconds on its way to a top speed of 273 mph. Sounds like a party.
  2. lol.

    someone give me odds right now. Avatar bets.
  3. Those are the old specs, the car now produces 1160+bhp and weighs even less. I can't wait to see that TG lap.
  4. this car reminds me of a tuned supra

    less weight, more power and pep boy stickers
  5. single turbo supra vs blowncamaro .mov
  7. Beat them at what, exactly?
  8. First into the tyres
  9. They have consistently believed this across the CC/Agera iterations, and it has been consistently crap.
  10. Is that fear I sense? Anyway it will be fun watching the Agera R make the current lap record look stupidly slow using just normal tires.
  11. Koenigseggs now looks pretty dated.
  12. I sense some fear
  13. Drag racing
  14. Me too
  16. why do they have to make it worse looking with every update?
    20 steps back and that cc8s or whatevs looked amazing
  17. Yes, I'm afraid it'll handle so terribly even the Stig wont be able to drive it.
  18. nonsense, the stig will feel right at home driving the most race car like hypercar there is.
  19. you need a girlfriend
  20. Someone remind me, what track records does any Koenigsegg hold?
  21. Remember that one race car they built?
    Yeah, neither does anyone else.
  22. First attempt, or after they modify the aerodynamics to suit the track?
  23. They might do some minor suspension adjustments prior to setting the time, but even that would be overkill.
  24. That would be overkill, because it would make a car that could never handle into a car that could still not handle but would rather go into the tires
  25. Why do they need to adjust the suspension of perfection?

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