Koenigsegg CCX at Nürburgring

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by sir snow viper, Jul 21, 2006.

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  2. not better than the Zonda F
  3. can anyone see if it has the wing on the back? I cant tell

    edit, yet it does, looks like they are going for the Carrera GT's record.
  4. just take a close look at the rear: wing = yes!
  5. I seriously would like to see this car eat the Carrera GT just to shut up those freaks who think the Carrera GT is god over all forever and that Porsche is the only name that matters.

    I love the car but I hate those guys alot.
  6. I dislike Koenigsegg, but I would like to see it eat the CGT...but that means beating the Zonda F, which I wouldn't like.
  7. I'd like to know if they fitted the ceramic braking system.
  8. I predict 7:20
  9. Doubt it
  10. I still can't believe you guys watch that webcam for fun!!
  11. very possible when just considering on anything resembling a straight it would probably pull on a Carrera GT without a problem and look at the huge straight just on the end.
  12. Even if it does break the record, the CGT will always be sexier.
  13. Radical and Donkervoort proved that speed on the straights is sometimes not necessary.
  14. Didnt CCR do something like 310km/h on the straight, which isnt much, theres probably not that much difference to CGT even in that comparo.
    Id say it gets a time like +/- 5 seconds from CGT time.
    CGTs have way more tracktime on the ring, so getting a comparable time for CCX will take more than just a few laps now and then.
  15. but those are extreme examples and not the same as these road cars
  16. I predict it will do mid-high 7:20's
  17. I predict it's going to be in around -7:50's. Yes, negative.
  18. i want VIDEO
  19. anything under a 7.28 would be awesome.
  20. The CCR was only 1 second slower than the F, so I see no reason why the CCX won't be faster than it.

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