Koenigsegg CCX - The Scream

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ajzahn, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. I forgot tho thank Raging Bull...
  2. He knows deep in his heart that we're all thankful.
  3. I'm running a collect of bronze to make a statue of him.
  4. the CCX without a wing was the 1st car ever to wnt off the track and to crash into the tyre walls in the Top Gear track test!
  5. Zahn, windingroad.com is awesome..pretty good vids on it. never heard of it before so thanks.
  6. best online car magazine, IMHO
  7. The wing had little or nothing to do with the difference in handeling that the ccx had at the top gear test. It ONLY helps in very high speeds. The difference was in the set up. Get your facts right.
    And yes, I know U dont like Koenigsegg, but your comments to try to trach the K is just laughable :)
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    EDIT: Also, The Stig has spun off the track in lots of cars, the TVR T350C comes to mind, it's just they don't usually show him doing it.
  10. xuxa fox the chanpion of this year, yeahhh

    edit: my mother#$%#ing roomate posted under my account, WTF.
  11. Could someone post the article from evo?
  12. OK, so like the CCR, Koenigsegg always provides cars not being properly set-up to magazines like EVO, sport auto for testing fierst before they get their things right?!

    seems they can´t afford test drivers and so expect the journalists doing all the testing for them?!

    not professional at all!
  13. The Dauer would shit on the Koenigegg.
  14. Yep.
  15. Nice, having a fully adjustable suspension proved a very good advantage over it's rivals.
  16. Are you really that #$%#ing stupid?

    The suspension is COMPLETELY ADJUSTABLE. A car set up for the 'Ring won't handle ideally on the Top Gear track. What you need is time to develop an ideal set-up on each given track. In fact K'Egg are providing their customers with recommended track set-ups for different tracks. So they do the work, and the clients benefit. What it takes is time and laps spent pounding around circuits to find the best balance. Why do you think the Formula 1 circus incorporates time for practice sessions at all the events? It's to get the set-up perfected for each specific driver for the specific conditions at each circuit.

    How on earth could they know which set-up would be ideal on the TG track when it's never run on it before? They could hazard a guess, but the only way of telling is to spend time on the track itself.
  17. it might have a fully adjsutable suspension but it wasn�t set up pperly whjen it was amde available for the Top Gear tracxk test and the CCR, which is compaletyl different car than the CCX, was not set up p�roperly when it made his 1st outing at the Nurbrugring, both leaves me with the impression that Koenigsegg is not acting as prefessional as they probably should do.
  18. Koenigsegg is better than you.

    relax a bit before you post, you're getting illegible.
  19. Are you serious? Their first session at the ring was to help develop the set up. Do you think Porsche set the lap record with the CGT on the first day they went to the ring and just kept doing laps for several months after for the fun of it?
  20. but Porsche didn�t make a public attempt such as Koenigsegg
  21. What? Porsche basically develop their cars on the Nurburgring. If that isn't a "public attempt" to get the fastest possible lap with the hardware available, I don't know what is. K'Egg took their car to the 'Ring in a genuine attampt at setting a good lap but because of unfavourable weather conditions weren't able to finalise a set-up to show the car in it's true light on the track.
  22. No, they should wait for the Caparo T1 to be in production before doing a shootout. :)

    Honestly, being the most race bred and downforce intensive of the bunch by a longshot, I'd reckon the S7 Twin Turbo would dispose of the rest of the cars (Zonda F, CCX, and Veyron) with ease.
  23. On a track, the S7 would win followed closely by the Zonda, followed by the CCX and Veyron in that order.
  24. How do you figure that?

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