Koenigsegg Developing Cam-less Engine

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by srsocx, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. awesome
    i cant wait until this engine sets a good lap time on top gear on its fourth visit
  2. between those 2 guys the supercars they own do about 1k kilometers a year. most of that is done by people working on them.
  4. haha
    even i get this top gear joke
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  6. Lol 30%?
    Where are they getting their figures? How are they measuring efficiency?
  7. 20-30% it says, I think its cool that someone tries new things. Or would you guys complain about the car 120 years ago and say that horses would never be replaced?
  8. Cam-less engines aren't a new technology though, they're just not practical in road cars.
  9. Yet? Is K onto something or does it turn out to be like the SAAB
    variable compression engine, an interesting idea?
  10. its a good idea but again hardly new. the ultimate goal would be to have each valve controlled by electrics or hydraulics and get rid of the cams entirely. however the systems aren't that tough. they break easily and require constant maintanence. not so bad in a race car but suicide for a road car.
  11. Yeah nobody seems to be picking up on that...That's the reason why these systems have been reserved to F1 for 15+ years now.
  12. I wonder if they ever actually planned to race the CCGT. They showed it once or twice, made some fancy videos with it, but never seemed like they really ever planned to race it.

    Or it could have been a case of the Jaguar XJ-13, where by the time it was ready to race, the rules had been change and there was nowhere for it to compete.
  13. Is it the nature of the system in general, or is it just when they're done by pneumatics or hydraulics? It seems like there should be some way of doing it which would be fairly reliable (solenoids/armatures?)
  14. the only way its ever been done so it works is with pneumatics or hydraulics. the electric components aren't strong enough to keep the valves closed when vaccum is applied to them, they can't open and close quick enough to be able to rev to any decent amount, and thats alot of wear put on many small parts so it tends to break quickly as well.

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