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Discussion in '2002 Koenigsegg CC 8S' started by pjohan, Aug 9, 2002.

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    No I haven't got one :) but if you are desperate one of the firsts from the productionline 2002 (if you can call it productionline when you only build 10 cars a year) is on sell at the British official local reseller of Koengisegg. You probably get the taxes back (but have to pay your own countrys local taxes) if you live in a different european country...

    The price is "only" £ 305 000, about ? 480 000 (slightly less in $). Normal price is ? 300 000 + taxes so either the british taxes are extremely high or they try to make money of the fact of the extreme long delivery time, especially since it is used (their old demonstration vehicle, in "as new" condition).


    (If I wanted to buy one (and had the money) I probably would have ordered a new one for ?300 000 + local taxes ... (but since all 10 for 2002 was sold last year, delivery would probably not be until late 2003))<!-- Signature -->
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    ohh... missed it has the steering wheel on the right side, so it might not be that usefull outside the UK... (maybe except Cyprus who also drive on the left side..

    Convert to left side steering might be costly... (but if you actually pay ?480 000 you probably don't have problems with money... :) )


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