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  1. Uh, you do know he's talking about the fighter jet in the background right? "saab-built from jets" it was a joke...unless you're joking too....
  2. that saab would get peed on
  3. That saab has a much higher top speed and goes much further on a tank of gas.
  4. 'Ring times?
  5. A Porsche 956 (virtually identical to the Dauer 962 LeMans) ran a 6:11. You were saying?
  6. A CCXR can wipe the floor with it.
  7. that saab is the new Koenigsegg CCXRRRGTI
  8. Since CCGT is not on the list, I picked CCR.
  9. Exactly.

    Nevermind that the max power is 18,000 abouts lbf, and power to weight of .94, top speed of 2,450 km/h, a koenigsegg is made with the power of god, err odin.

    Nothing is better than a Koenigsegg
  10. CCGT - Only because it MIGHT someday race
  11. lolz
  12. CC8S or CCX
  15. only you would be able to make this kind of thread about that car... sigh...
  16. ccxr 1000hp!!!!!!!!!!
  20. wheres the "none, shut your face" option?
  21. I can't decide - ccr or ccxr

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