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  1. The design's what now, 20 years old?
    I'm pretty sick of it.
  2. Would own one if I could afford it.
  3. Over the other choices though?
  4. If I actually had to choose, I would probably take a P1 or a LaFerrari over a Koenigsegg. But third choice sounds reasonable.
  5. yes but that's on an engine on a dyno. its a completely different world out there if its in an actual car being driven by someone who isn't a design or test engineer.
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    No I realize that but it's in a Saab 9-3 of some kind, I think it was a wagon and they had made a camless head for the 4 banger in there. I'll find the video. It's in this
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    the problem with the Saab system is that you had to check the fluid in the system often or you'd run out.

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