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  1. who are u talking about?
  2. Actually I was just offering sound advice. I don't run my mouth on the internet (save for a few choice occasions like that one), nor do I get involved in fights, but it seems you're already in one. I personally don't agree with Exotics4Life, but hey, you don't see me roasting him or taking a condescending tone with him. If you're anything over 15 and posting garbage like this...then shame on you. If you're under 15...then that explains it, and I really shouldn't have said anything as harsh as the "monkey douche" comment and I should feel bad about myself.
  3. That is true, but the Ferrari is a different animal. Turbos would probably be the best bet if (for some strange reason) Ferrari did choose forced induction, but the car already makes 860 horses with the response of a naturally aspirated engine. It's one thing for a 4,162 lb. Bugatti to make 1000 ponies, but put that power into a car with a sub 2,600 lb. curb weight, and power turns to tire smoke (F1 cars are different stories, however...). Believe me...Ferrari has their reasons.
  4. i wasnt posting things u call "garbage", but i guess maybe we were both wrong so... friends?
  5. Demeaning people or trying to demean people on an internet forum is garbage. Which is what I did. And so did you. So I apologize, and yes...friends.
  6. oh i didn't know you were talking about Porsche vs. Ferrari. My opinion, Ferrari is better, but that's just my opinion. Of course yourz is different.I apoligize too.
  7. thats fine...
  8. u hate ferarri?? well personally i hate porshce they make shite cars an the all luk tha same and are shite an have shite specs.FERARRI RULES!!!!
  9. Porsche is okay, it's just i like Ferrari better. madboy361 likes porsche better.(obviously!!!)look below. it not Ferrari, it Koenig.
  10. im cool cuz i quoted my own comment!!!
  11. Exotics4ever, how old are you ? that's my point
  12. y would u want to know???
  13. wow man. More horsepower doesn't always make a better car. This engine is optimized. To produce any more hp, the team would have to sacrifice the weight and/or placement of the engine, which would not be ideal for a race car. Forced induction has several drawbacks. Turbos add weight, and the turbo lag of a quad turbo engine of this size would destroy this car's responsiveness and quickness. If all you care about is raw power, check out drag racing.
  14. i make my own opinions! right now im to focused on the power this car has. your technical comment is unwinding my brain of confusion and the world of an infinite universe based on random data from Einstein's theory of E=MC2! wait,what? bow chicka bow wow!
  15. still think it's cool...
  16. I don't know weather to laugh very hard from reading Exotics4ever's posts, or punch cleanly through his face. This engine is PERFECTION. putting any chargers on it would be a disgrace. you're an ABSOLUTE idiot if you;re serious. god, dont even retort, just die.
  17. i would love to see this replace your horse and caridge.
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    Honestly Exotics...I respected your opinions at first because I used to say the same kind of stuff (when I was 14..and I knew when to shut up), but you're killing yourself at this point. Quit trying to prove something (God knows what...), and maybe learn something.

    Quad superchargers are impractical, if not impossible. Quad turbochargers are useless on any sort of small-displacement engine, unless you use tiny turbochargers, in which case you'd be better using two larger units. If you want numbers and figures, I'm almost willing to dig them up. (note the word "almost")

    The engine doesn't need more power.

    Watch this...

    Note how many Porsches the car passes and how many times the tires break loose exiting corners and running into the upper RPM range. The standard FXX is a six-speed bottle rocket that is hard enough to control. Give the car 60 more horses, shorten the gear change time by 20 milliseconds, and tack on an extra 1000 RPM of playspace and you'd have to be as delicate as a brain surgeon to drive it well. Any more power would render the car almost useless.

    And if I had a horse and carriage, I'd love to see it replace this too.
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    fine. supercharger will be fine right now, then. one moment. (*reads statistics carefully. starts cussing at stupid phone. throws knife at computer screen. starts comming up with more stuff to put in parenthasese.*) your right. QT bad i guess. now i want twin superchargers.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A><A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  20. I'll take that as a complement. Turbo monger.
  21. Not the RS Spyder, and i think you should invent a MEGACHARGER and approach ferrari with it
  22. more like wot do YOU mean by upgradin da engine it is perfect how it is!??!
  23. LMAO... Troll'd/10 *high fives Exotics4ever* lol
  24. It does'nt need turbos! 860bhp from a normally aspirated 6.2L V12, 60 more than a twin supercharged Koenigsegg CCX!

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