LaFerrari Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by SuperSonic, Oct 6, 2019.

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    50FC8C53-6026-41D0-AA60-FBA9114BA5C1.jpeg 3C28AA7B-D5D8-445F-A565-A1A06785DA28.jpeg 6DBD52C4-ECEE-4EC2-B79D-1F4AA439256D.jpeg 3DC75D13-07B3-42D3-8B38-7A2A56BC2A19.jpeg
  2. Please add any good Laferrari pics you have.
  3. This made me realize that it has finally become inappropriate, in my opinion, to just steal other people's images and repost them. Press release images, fine. Including a link or some other sort of credit, fine. Otherwise, not so much. The internet has come a long way and this, I think, is a positive shift that was a long time coming.
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    C483ECC4-B348-4CA7-82A8-12A68D096A00.jpeg 6A75BB1C-3DB9-42C5-8BED-DA18328BA53C.jpeg 95F64706-BD99-45FB-92BA-0173BD1814D2.jpeg 71C346E2-DB44-4362-AC44-282DD549E614.jpeg

    Funny you should say that because I may have posted these images from someone else but I have reason to believe that my 2010 design based on my 2000 design could have inspired this design in the first place. If not then we both evolved the F50 and ended up at the same design.
  5. Are you for real?
  6. You can’t see any similarities?
  7. Umm, you got the color combination right.
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  8. 0402E7BE-73F1-4515-9F13-7498105C31AC.jpeg

    I understand what you are saying they are 2D and not detailed etc. I had a website in the year 2000 with designs I created and surprisingly some real cars came out later looking a lot like them. I know and understand I don’t deserve credit for them I just find it interesting that some features actually do appear on real designs. This is 20 years ago now so I should have forgotten about this so just take this post with a hint of humour I do. Anyway I actually want to study car design to get some real credit if I create something worth looking at. Thanks for reading.
  9. I have reported you for copyright infringement.

  10. Haha
  11. Pics of one I've seen last year.

    2014 Ferrari LaFerrari -6.JPG 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari -8.JPG 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari -10.JPG 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari -11.JPG 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari -12.JPG
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  13. PA$$ION
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  14. Yes, indeed. I am going to write Amenasce an email and ask him if he can get back on sc net.

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