LaFerrari engine for sale

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by SuperSonic, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. Fiero
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  2. Volvo 240 Hatchback
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  3. But what would you call it?

    I'd call mine the "Fieri"

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  4. Volvo
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  5. I'm gonna have to be the third person to suggest a Volvo.

    Specifically a 760 GLE Saloon.
  6. When I was young and would go see the local underground rice wars scene, one of the fastest cars (probably in the country) was a red Volvo 850.

    The other two were a pretty cool M Coupe (which is still around in meetups, but with a different owner) and a 993 Turbo which was amazing, but was horrifyingly totalled at some point. And that was the gist of the local car scene back then. It's only slightly improved nowadays.
  7. Volvo V40s have had a period of rule in local mile runs. They went easy 300km/h where fast Porsches tended to reach 280-300. One reasoning being the enthusiasm of Volvo people versus just rich Porsche owners.

    I would wait a F1 BMW engine for my Mini, so this would go to my boat.
  8. I'd toss that into a dodge pickup with FCA badging on it. That'd be hilarious.
  9. Some sort of old muscle car. Probably a HQ Monaro

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