Lambo Gallardo or Ferrari F430?

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Caparo T1 pwns all, Jul 2, 2007.

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  2. F430, no question.
  3. omg!! you have a gallardo avatar!
  4. I hope she does or I hope she has some other day job because she wouldn't find work modeling.
  5. I hope she does or I hope she has some other day job because she wouldn't find work modeling.
  6. I only respond to facts with facts & not the kind of jibberish you spew.

    Fact is the Gallardo's chasis, engine, transmission, paint job, AWD & interrior are all made outside of Italy.

    The 430's chasis, enginge, transmission, paint & interrior are all hand built in Maranello by car & racing enthusiasts who know what they are doing & who've been winning races for 60 years.

    A gold plated Timex watch keeps time just as good as a Rolex but we know which one was cheaply built & which is authenticly built with care, passion & true craftsmanship.
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  8. despite not being 100% lambo, the Gallardo manages to be faster, better looking and better sounding, and more reliable. who gives a damn where the stuff was made? it could have been in the pits of hell with the devil making each one and it still functions better than the F430. the F430 was designed by someone who either has HORRID taste, or cant use a ruler properly. either way, the result aint pretty.

    if the Gallardo was to be painted in italy, what the hell is the difference? if the engine was to be constructed in Italy, it would still be the same engine.
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  10. the 430 in real life looks like an akward 360 to me. i saw the 360 and gallardo side by side, and it was a toss up for looks. however, when we ran them, the 360 was too high pitched, too much like a crotch rocket for me. the gallardo on the other hand shook the ground and rattled all the other cars in the lot.

    gallardo with the 360 a nose behind. 430.... doesn't work for me.
  11. 430 looks really bad in real life, I agree Saeta. F360 looks a lot better and gallardo in real life was shockingly good looking, despite the short nose
  12. You are so weird. Do you have any friends at all?
  13. You're smoking crack. Faster? Better sounding? LMAO!!!!!! More reliable? ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!! How can you claim the Gallardo is more reliable when you don't have a clue to where or exactly who made the engine? The 430's engine block & parts are made of a secret metal alloy formula at the Manarello factory to withstand F1 style racing pressure, temperatures & speeds. The Gallardo's engine block & parts are not the same.

    You keep harping on the 430's looks but Ferrari can't build them fast enough before people are knocking down the walls to get one. Nobody is tearing at the bit to get a Gallardo but teenage poster boys like you. What does Panda call people like you? Attention whores isn't it?

    Its a 3 year wait on the 599 & the 430's successor is already sold out for 3 years. In fact Ferrari sold out ever 360 the year the Gallardo was launched.

  14. Bus schedule.
  15. First off, the F430 has been around for half the time of the Gallardo, so obviously it should be in higher demand. Making your comparison, I could also say that the Superleggera is in vastly higher demand than the F430. Ho ho ho, nobody wants a Ferrari! I'm kidding on that last part, before you get sand in your vagina, but it's a commentary on how flawed your reasoning is.

    Secondly, I'm not sure where you live, but over here, I'm not seeing any higher demand for the F430 over the Gallardo. They both have about as many for sale on Autotrader as I look at it right now (again, despite the Gallardo being available for far longer), and last time I looked in the papers, there were many more F430s for sale there than Gallardos. If you live in the States I would wager that your observations are based on market saturation, partly because of the previously mentioned availability differences, but also because everything I've read suggests that Lamborghini targets the US as a market more heavily than Ferrari does.

    Thirdly, newsflash, Italian craftsmanship isn't renowned for its world-leading reliability. Traditionally you'd actually be more likely to find a solid car built overseas. It's only very recently that Fiat group have made major improvements in that regard. I do actually know that Ferrari today are at least on a par with Lamborghini when it comes to reliability (despite the Audi influence), but your claims that Italian engineering stands astride the world like a collossus are sadly mistaken. I don't hear of too many Gallardos breaking down, especially not due to engine failure, so wherever the car is built, I suggest you put aside your rather concerning racial prejudice, because clearly they're doing a good job. Once again you place too much importance on where a car is built, or possibly the heritage behind it, and seem to be ignoring the more tangible proof of the actual car.

    Finally, 'faster' is an irrelevent term because both these cars are within a gnat's whisker of each other. The Gallardo was faster than the 360, the F430 was faster than the original Gallardo, and the 2006+ Gallardo usually posts better laptimes than the F430. It's debateable I suppose, but again, it doesn't actually matter in the real world unless you plan on racing the two cars. If the buyer is that kind of person, I would wager they wouldn't be buying either of these, and would instead go for something more focussed like a Challenge Stradale with all kinds of performance modifications. 'Better sounding' and 'better looking' are of course both subjective.
  16. I'm sorry, but:

    a) The Gallardo is faster? at what? depreciation?
    b) More reliable? what makes you think that? probe it.
  17. The current Gallardo SL eclipses anything in terms of performance that Ferrari currently has in production, not to mention anything else in its price range.
  18. gallardo is better
  19. loooool
  20. you know what, you are showing to everybody that fanboys are stupid, useless assholes, you post only in ferrari threads writing how ferrari>lamborghini and in lamborghini threads writing how lamborghini
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  22. Dr.Vertigo answered to FNAF and saved me quite some time, so thanks for that <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    to Panda's post:

    a) Gallardo is faster, indeed not by much, but is still faster around the track and the straight line (im talking about 2006+ Gallardos) the Superleggera is sooo far ahead of its competitors, its not even funny. the best of Ferrari nor Porsche can answer to it yet. maybe the GT2 and F430 CS might, but we wont be able to tell until they are actually released.

    b) yes, the Gallardo is very reliable. I know a guy who owns a 2004 Gallardo and has over 40,000 km on it. he still has the original clutch and he said he has not had any major problems with it yet.

    its funny how when the Gallardo critics judge the Gallardo, they say "it has too much Audi influence" and crap like that but then decide to judge the car's reliability and driveability on older lambos like the Countach and Miura.
  23. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! ROTFLMAO @ "the Superleggera is sooo far ahead of its competitors, its not even funny. the best of Ferrari nor Porsche can answer to it yet. maybe the GT2 and F430 CS might, but we wont be able to tell until they are actually released."

    Still LMAO!!!!! You're a riot lambornima Porsche or Ferrari are just taking their sweet time to compete with each other. The SL is an after thought & will get pimp slapped in 3 or 4 months. But of course we know what they will do, launch another publicity stunt for attention they probably have one in the works right now.

    Ferrari's real competition in the automotive world is Mercedes, Porsche & Aston. In racing its McLaren-Mercedes, don't you ever be so stupid to publicly profess "Lamborghini is so far ahead of Ferrari & Porsche". LMAO!!!!!!! A car company that can't even design or build its own engine block & paint their own cars but you say they are soooooo far ahead of Ferrari & Porsche. Let me guess since all of their genius mechanics & engineers are so busy constructing marvelous new car technology they don't have time to paint the SL right? LOL!!!!!!

    If you would ever actually READ a review of the Gallardo maybe you'd learn a few things & gain some common sense. Lamborghini claims the SL weighs 2,998 pounds when the fuel tank is dry. When its full of fuel the SL weighs nearly the same as a 430.

    What do you think is going to happen when the 430LP/CS is stripped to a lighter weight than the SL & given equal HP? Oooopppsss Looks like they weren't so far ahead after all.

    And its hilarious. Fan boys like you boast & stick your chests out about the Gallardo having a V10 over the 430's V8. News flash the 430 still whips any stock Gallardo with its V8. Secondly Ferrari has won numerous World Titles in F1 with a...............V10. You Lambo homers really DO NOT want the 430's successor to have a V10.

    The 430LP/CS is going to wipe the road with the SL..................EASILY. Its main competition will be the GT2.

    But I'll be waiting to see what your excuses will be about 2 things.

    1. The 430LP/CS better performance in test after test ala 430 vs original gallardo

    2. Your response when Lamborghini runs & tinkers with the SL or launches a different edition of the SL. You'll declare its not because the LP whipped it & when you do I'm going to LMAO again.

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