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  1. how do you really get out of a lambo if you are up side down? is there a trap door or something?
  2. out the window probubly. or the people are still in there crushed
  3. Windows I guess
  4. Teleport.
  5. when the car is flipped over the seatbelt buttons will glow red. press one and the bottom of the car will open up like a trap door.
  6. lol if someone did this in a Countach. they'd be screwed.
  7. The gear lever is actually designed so that it can be pried off easily so that one can use it to smash the windows. If your car's e-Gear, well, serves you right.
  8. unfortunately, asides from the window perhaps, there is no way out. couple girls in europe were burned alived in a turned over murcielago that had caught fire. though I dont know if they had been killed by the crash (over 200 km/h) or by the fire, but either way, lambo and anyone making doors that open vertically (ie Ferrari and the Enzo, Merc and the SLR, etc) should address this problem.
  9. turn into the incredable hulk and rip the doors off
  10. This came up when they were designing the Countach, they looked at several different solutions. I can't remember what they decided on in the end, but I think they included a hammer with which the occupants could knock the window out.......

    Either that or there was a string you could pull to detach the door. I know that was discussed at one point. But whatever the solution was, I don't think it was included with all cars sold, and I'm not sure if it was used in the Diablo and Murcielago.

    :edit: Just read Lambo Man's post. Is that true? Which models does it apply to?
  11. It wouldn't have helped if the doors had opened horizontally. They wouldn't have opened anyway. I really wouldn't regard this as a safety issue. If someone crashes @ 200 km/h, they will need a team of firefighters with hydraulic cutters to get whatever's left of them out of the car.
  12. fortunately I have never been in an upside down car, so I cant claim that normal doors would or wouldnt open ( but why wouldnt they?)

    as for crashign at 200 km/, ya for most cases, but there have been some high speed accidents at those speeds (with murcielagos anyways) and the driver and car were fine (infact the doors still opened). obviously it wasnt a headon crash, but still.
  13. How does it works with the hydraulic cutters when the car is carbon fiber? Is it a problem
  14. doubt it, why would it be a problem?
  15. If you roll your car, the odds are that you will have done significant amount of body and structural damage. Specially if you end up on the roof then there will be more force holding the door in tight than if you had ended up on your wheels.

    When I got in an accident (hit a deer) the damage wasn't horrible but it was enough to push the quarter panel back and made the passenger door difficult to open.
  16. if a gallardo got upside down you would be fine
  17. depends on were your car turns upside down, i knew someone who died in a land-rover discovery becuase they turned it upside down in a ditch, they couldnt open the doors cause of the ditches banks, couldnt get to back in time and water poured through sun roof and windows.
  18. An SLR is nearly indestructible though
  19. it may take a while, those cutters i guess in part are made also of carbon too.
  20. I think the cutters can work trough cf reinforced epoxy. In case the metal/plastic object is very thick, the rescue teams have other tools to work it out.

    Some time ago there was a guy who was driving along in Helsinki when a lorry fell over his car due to a strong wind. The car was a pancake but the driver's section was caught in the space between the lorry's tow vehicle and the trailer. They got him out in 20 mins so I think they can figure out a way to get a rich #%!@ out of a crashed Lambo/SLR.
  21. I know they designed the McLaren F1 doors to open with the car on its roof. The top of the doors was flexible enough to allow the door to open enough for a passenger to get out. I would assume the SLR had the same thought put into it. The scissor doors on a lambo would not allow for this.
  22. Thats one horrible way to die
  23. Is not the wind shield the most common escape route out of a damaged car? Although low profile of Murci and similar would hinder this too.

    The only crash I have witnessed was a roll over. The lone woman driving the car had been helped out of the car by the time we came at the scene. Thought side window I think, the Mazda was surprisingly strong in holding its shape, but then by the looks it had only flipped once.
  24. Just get a stage III turbo setup for the door hinges so you can flip that mother#$%#er back on it's wheels.
  25. can you explain in more detail how you would perform this?

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