lambo reventon rokks

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by bbpower, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. Not even south americans can drive something that tacky, this beast is TERRORIST ONLY.
  2. it's horrible and definitely can't get worse
  3. post avatar!
  4. Please don't.
  5. oh dear, people spend �1,000,000+ on a car which is absolutley stunning and then decide to customize it even more, sometimes it works, but in this case it has failed miserably!!!
  6. So what's that? Is it some tuning offer or is it just some whim of private owner?

    Does anynone know any details?
  7. I´ve seen lots of nice cars ruined, but this is just shameful.

    F·KKKKKKKK my life!
  8. Jeremy Clarkson - Yes folks, the Reventon rocks in the same way that a B2 Stealth Bomber does, or an old tune from Jethro Tull, but you will quickly notice that they are virtually in the same price category, and some designer out there was on a wack of LSD during the conception.

    James May - I actually like LSD, its quite relaxing

    Clarkson - "laughs" Yes James, when you actually believe you are doing 200 mph in the Reventon and to your dismay soon find that you are actually on the old dusty basement couch in your smelly briefs watching reruns of Dr. Who. Isn't LSD great James. that note, Thank you very much for watching , and good night !

  9. how do morons get this kind of money?

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