Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Model Teased

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    News of a custom one-off car from Lamborghini celebrating its 50th anniversary emerged weeks ago and now the company is teasing the car, if only for a split second.

    Last November, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann said the new model “will not be a revival or retro,” while offering little else. The Shadowy image shown at the end of the video makes the car look like a more squared-off version of the outgoing Gallardo — Lamborghini’s most successful model to date. While it might be easy to assume the car will be a tweaked version of the Gallardo, there are just as many reasons to think otherwise.

    First, Lamborghini has a facility dedicated to special models like the Sesto Elemento and Aventador J, which it built in a staggering six weeks. Second, the company proved its capacity to come up with something crazy in almost no time after building the Aventador J for Geneva.

    While there’s a solid chance the car could, in fact, be one last special Gallardo, it would sell Lamborghini a little short to make that assumption.

  2. i have zero doubt that Lambo will do something for their 50th Anniversary. They've done something for all their other milestone years. That said, I'd be super surprised/pissed if it was Gallardo based.
  3. I really really want to think that it won't be another Gallardo. I've never been terribly impressed with Lamborghini's special editions, though. They just seem like what the car should have been in the first place.
  4. Considering the Countach 25th anni, the Diablo SE 35th, the Murcielago 40th Anni, they vary from being last run models to just different colors. The thing is, it's always been V12 based, if not just because of lack of other options.

    I'm kinda hoping for like, a 50 model run Reventon type car but that probably would never happen.
  5. they need to make the #$%#ing sesto elemento
  6. for some reason I'm thinking this is going to be a V12 Gallardo. which would be awesome.
  7. aren't they?

    i thought a production run of 5 was already confirmed
  8. i hope its a mental 4x4
    just for the foam when they announce it
  9. probably too expensive
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  11. Aren't you all tired of Lambo's publicity stunts trying to upstage Ferrari?

    They'll unveil this car at Geneva the same time the F70 is unveiled. Nothing but an FXX wanna be just for press.

    Show some dignity and class by replacing the Gallardo on a stage by itself and move on.
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  14. I love the Sesto. Its basically a modern interprtation of a car that everybody wished Lamborghini made in the 90s
  15. damn the cala aged badly
  16. I was just about to say basically this. I was going to say:

    I don't wish they made that and I wish they weren't making this. Both will age poorly.
  17. I disagree. I think the Cala still looks great. Obviously a 90's car. The wheels and decals are kind of whack but it would have made an awesome companion to the Diablo.

    The only reason I'd be glad it didn't make production is that it probably would have influenced the Diablo replacement negatively. For continuations sake, we probably would have seen more Canto and less Murcielago imo. And Lamborghini styling from LP640 onward has pretty much been perfect in my eyes, except for maybe stretching the Gallardo a little too long.
  18. they just went sharper and angley at a time when they could have gone soft and curvy. if they had done it the other way and then shows pics of something along the lines of the aventador, we'd probably feel it looked really strange.
  19. i remember that time we saw it irl. thought it looked awesome. but now, not so much.

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