Lamborghini An Enthusiasts Car? I Think Not.

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by PandaBeat, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. Panda isn't he incredibly stupid?

    Could he be angry that Ferrari's "GT" pretty much out performs the Murcielago & LP640 even though they aren't in the same class? LOL!!!!

    Or could it be he's to dumb to realize Ferrari made their super car for this decade in 2003, the Enzo. A car Lamborghini can not match.

    Hell they are screaming about mid engine exotics, Lamborghini has nothing to match the F40, a car 20 years old. Everyone here has seen the video of the F40 killing a Murcielago on video.

    The F40 is THE orginal super car.
  2. To wit, the Miura was the original supercar in the truly modern sense. Perhaps you could call the Deusenberg SJ a supercar in a looser sense.
  3. Exactly!
  4. No.

    The F40, first mid engine 200 MPH road car you can safely drive on the street.

    Plus Enzo didn't want to build a mid engine racer for the road back in those days. It was a politically hot issue for Ferrari.


    Please stop comparing these 2 companies. Ferrari is LIGHT YEARS ahead of Lamborghini in history, technology, achievement, racing victories, popularity, money ect ect.

    Please stop the nonsense. Without Audi literally carrying Lamborghini they'd be out of business. If Fiat let Ferrari go independent tomorrow they would survive. If Audi did the same with Lamborghini they'd fold like a tent.

  5. Funny, looks to me at least sales wise Lamborghini is at the height of its popularity is selling like mad.
  6. who made you the truth police?
  7. Dude, magazine writers all over the world understand the Lamborghini concept.

    Ferrari's true rivals are Mercedes, McLaren & Porsche. History is the truth. Lamborghini has accomplished nothing to consider itself a rival of Ferrari. Ok they got the Miura. A mid engine car designed & created with former Ferrari mechanics after they walked off the job at Ferrari.

    Examine the history of Lamborghini & that of Ferrari. Take your bias out of it & study the TRUE history & you will know the truth.

    Its not even close between the 2. While Ferrari was fighting giants like Ford & Mercedes in racing where was Lamborghini?

    Like Enzo told Lamborghini, you don't know jack s__t about cars or racing them, & he didn't. He was just a wealthy financier.

  8. Where does it say that a car has to be mid-engined and capable of 200 mph and safe street driving in order to qualify as a supercar?

    You can't deny facts and history: CAR magazine used the term "supercar" when talking about the Miura in the '60s, long before the F40.

    "Yet you pretend people buy Ferrari's mostly for attention when in fact that's not the case for the majority of serious buyers who get on the waiting lists first."

    First, those people who get on the waiting list first are probably not a large portion overall of Ferrari owners anyway. If they were, they wouldn't be able to turn around and sell them at massive profit (which is what a lot of them do). There must be (and there are) many more people willing to pay those markups, and bypass waiting entirely, than those who bother to get on the list. You seriously don't think there are thousands of non car enthusiasts with plenty of money who wouldn't mind paying well over list to bypass a wait list that could last 3-4 years?
    Secondly, to get on the list, you don't have to know shit about Ascari, Ickx, etc. You just need to have obscene amounts of money and/or prior ownership to get in good with your dealer. Do you seriously think Jennifer Lopez, Kevin Federline, or Paris Hilton think think about Fangio when they get in their Ferraris? It's possible, but exceedingly unlikely.
  9. Holy #$%#ing picard.jpg
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    Track----------------------------F430---------Gallardo SE
    Hockenheim Shorttrack------------1:12.7-------1:12.2
    Vairano Handling Course-----------1:17.373----1:17.861
    Bedford Autodrome West Circuit----1:24.20-----1:22.8

    (verdict: Lamborghini Gallardo SE is a bit faster.)

    Track------------------------599 GTB Fiorano----Murcielago LP640
    Top Gear Track-------------------1:21.2----------1:19.8
    Hockenheim Shorttrack-------------1:12.0---------1:11.8
    Vairano Handling Course-----------1:16.810-------1:18.14
    SportAuto wet handling test-------1:31.8---------1:29.2

    (verdict: Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 is noticeably faster.)

    Lambo does not know anything, that's why all they can do is beat Ferrari at the tracks, really sorry for Lambo. Wait, now I'm sorry for Ferrari, with all their racing heritage they can't beat teh tractor builder.
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  12. You guys have a happy new year.

    I'm done arguing about this. Ferrari walloped Lambo & others in 07 & nothing will change in 2008.

  14. Due to this response, we now know that Walter's IQ is no greater than 13.
  15. i refuse to take part in any more ferrari vs lamborghini debates. Happy New Year everyone!
  16. Conclusion:
    Lamborghinis are cars built for posers.
    Ferraris are cars built for enthusiasts.
  17. 15 pages, I'm impressed!

    Happy New Year to all!
  18. 5 pages!
  19. LOL thread.
  20. True, Lambos to me have always been about looking crazy and driving crazy. Ferraris have always been more understated in their styling, and pretty much always been better to drive.
  21. I only mentioned the Ford GT40 because the Miura design was inspired by the GT40.
  22. The Enzo Ferrari? (even though it isn't sold anymore, unless you buy in second hand)
  23. I wouldn't call it's design shit, because it revolutionized the car looks and was perhaps the car that gave birth to the modern car design.
  24. you're not arguing, you're trolling and being a piece of shit..oh and of course being a ferrari fanboy ugh ugh ugh
  25. lol you can't be serious

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