Lamborghini An Enthusiasts Car? I Think Not.

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by PandaBeat, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. You need to step out of your little black and white world, where a GT can't be a supercar too.

    The Veyron is a GT. So it can't be a supercar, right?
    I don't see how you think two cars must tick the exact same boxes in order to qualify for comparison.
  2. dumb comparison. but go ahead. 650K vs 250K. the Enzo is faster. not as usable though. the Murcielago has more comforts (ie power windows, sat NAV etc). with awd the Murcielago is more managable and you can drive it varying conditions. technically, the Enzo is the better car, but again, different markets, and for its price, it better be.

    ive been saying it for the past few pages of this thread, that the ONLY comparison between Lamborghini and Ferrari is the Gallardo and F430

    (used to be) 360- original Gallardo
    F430S- Gallardo SL
    F430- revised Gallardo
    F430 Spider- Gallardo Spider

    any comparison outside of that, and you are looking at different markets (Enzo and Murcielago), and different types of cars (599 and Murcielago)
  3. my god. you dont get it.

    there have been two owners reviews of both the 599 and LP640.

    one was from Fchat and said that as a GT, the 599 is a better day to day car, the other said that as a midegine supercar, its like comparing a Zonda to an SLR. both said that the LP640 is the supercar, and so they are UNCOMPARABLE because they are DIFFERENT in what they are trying to achieve.

    and I agree that it ISNT black and white. whereas you (may) put the Carrera GT on one side as the diffinitive supercar of the decade, and the DB9 as the GT of GTs, the LP640 is FAR MORE a supercar than a 599. and thats EXACTLY what owners have agreed.
  4. +1
  5. STOP trying to EXPLAIN to ME that the 599 is a GT. I KNOW this, and I know WHAT a GT is. My point is that two CARS designed with DIFFERENT (but SIMILAR) objectives CAN STILL BE COMPARED.
  6. You are in Guibo Mode.
  8. Although VERY different YOU and GUIBO type THE same WAY.
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  10. you can compare them. just like you can compare a Zonda of a Z06. dumbass comparison though.

    when one is primarily designed to fit luggage and be good on very long trips, and the other is primarily design to a car to seek thrilles in, on what basis do you compare them?

    you can compare a 599 to an SLR as you can compare the trunk, the ride comfort, etc. how do you apply these same comparisons to a supercar? if you are to say on defense of a 599 that its better on long trips, in defense of the LP640, the reply is "so? who goes on longass trips in an LP640?". same thing with trunk space and so on. and because they were DESIGNED to do different things, its hard to compare a car thats gonna serve DIFFERENT purposes to an owner.
  11. The 599 is primarily designed "to fit luggage and be good on very long trips"?

    Link to the MotorTrend article/proof or I won't believe you.

    Edit: Oh shit, the 612 is out of a job now too. Lambornima.
  12. relative to an LP640, the 599 placed a lot more importance on comfort and daily usabilty.

    ok, lets compare the two.

    the LP640 is slightly faster.
    the 599 is more usable.
    the LP640 is more thrilling.
    the 599 too is very fast, but managable.
    the LP640/599 looks and sounds better (depending on who your are).

    so how do you base a decision? it will depend on what the customer is looking for and an LP640 customer will be looking for something different than a 599 customer.

    now if we compare a F430 to a Gallardo:

    -both have roughly the same power
    -both are midengine
    -both are near IDENTICAL in a straiht line
    -both are near IDENTICAL around a track
    -the major difference lies in the awd vs rwd which gives the F430 a nimbler and more agile feel, while the Gallardo is more planted and "is set on rails". along with looks and sound, the "feel" is subjective.

    so in essense, what seperates the 599 to the LP640 is what each car does better, while the Gallardo and F430 are very simular cars, and personal opinion will affect the purchase of those two. with the 599 and LP640, its the customers needs that will have a larger affect on the purchase.
  13. I guess you could compare them, like you just did, and then make a decision. One car does one thing better and the other does something else better.
  14. But the Enzo SHITS on the Murcielago/LP640.
  15. In a similar way to how the Maserati Quattroporte "SHITS" on the quarter-of-the-price Ford Mondeo...
  16. /Reventon.
  17. I puked a little bit in my mouth.
  18. its like talking to a wall. though the wall is probably smarter.
  19. With so much Archaeopteryx crap floating around, I'd forgotten just how annoying Ferrari-Lambo threads are
  22. Lamborghini may or may not be an enthusiast's car. It depends from the defitinition of enthusiasm.

    I partially accept the criticism about Lambos being bling-bling show-off-cars. The Revent´┐Żn is one in my opinion. This is just a matter of personal taste whether one finds the shape of Revent´┐Żn appealing or not and it has been already discussed too much. Part of this bling-image is due to rappers and the problem there is simple that that people listen to shitty music and American rappers get too much money. It has nothing to do with Lamborghini. And I bet my lovely ass that all those Puff-Daddy-Dildo-Snoop-Sniffy-Dogs have several Ferraris, Bentleys, Rollses, Mercs and etc. along with Lamborghinis. It's a sad part of US automotive culture that some people there cannot understand the sheer emotional value of some cars and spoil them with golden rims and puts them in the same garage with Escalades and Hummers.

    Ferraris aren't perfect either. I can't help it but there's a bit of a penis-extension-kind of image that lingers with modern day Ferraris. You know, all this shit about F1 and that Schumacher added five additional settings to the manettino switch and put his signature there and there and shit in the boot. Soon they're going to sell cars if they just claim that Schumacher farted out of his arrogant ass in the factory's direction while the cars where being manufactured. Who cares if the paint of the Ferrari logo and the plastic on the left indicator switch is 0,2 grams lighter than in the previous model?

    Don't get me wrong here. I adore Ferraris achievements in racing and the fact that they can make their cars go really fast around Fiorano. 430 Scuderia's time is simply astonishing. And yes, the 430 might be faster than Gallardo in certain conditions. But in real life you just can't notice a 0,2 sec difference in laptimes around some track. Or a 0,1 sec difference in acceleration. And to me, people who put those things first seem kind of nerdy. And revolting. They're people who don't have friends. And if I really would like to go around a track as fast as possible I'd have a 911 GT3 RS or a racing car.

    I mean that by emphasizing this Germanic technotcratic bullshit Ferrari has partially lost the sense of occasion from its cars. Take the 599 for example. It's not very beautiful, there are faster cars even from Lamborghini and it's not that nice a place to be. So it's no beautiful GT like 456 used to be. Nor is it an F40. It's just a piece of very expensive semi-fast carbon fibre with Schumacher's butt hair and genital fluids on it.

    I've driven a 360 spider in summer. It was great fun but I couldn't help thinking how much more fun it would have been had I driven a Murcielago roadster.
  23. Z06 does 10's!!!!
  24. you're all fUcking retarded to even be debating this

    panda, im disapointed in you most
  25. Who the [email protected]#K is dumb enouh to buy a magazine written by you?

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