Lamborghini An Enthusiasts Car? I Think Not.

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by PandaBeat, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. Hi Harka,

    Nice post, balanced.

    "Soon they're going to sell cars if they just claim that Schumacher farted out of his arrogant ass in the factory's direction while the cars where being manufactured..."

    LOL, that would be sold as a special edition with a 25% premium.

    "I mean that by emphasizing this Germanic technotcratic bullshit Ferrari has partially lost the sense of occasion from its cars. Take the 599 for example. It's not very beautiful, there are faster cars even from Lamborghini and it's not that nice a place to be. So it's no beautiful GT like 456 used to be. Nor is it an F40. It's just a piece of very expensive semi-fast carbon fibre..."

    I share that sentiment. The 599 looks like a Corvette copy with extra sails attached to somehow look Ferrari-ish. The F430 at least has the excuse of being optimized for performance for not looking as good as the old Magnum PI 308 GTS. That is a shame because there were very good looking Ferraris just a few years back. Laborghini, I think has more success in maintaining a distinctive look (maybe visual impact is the term) across all its models.

    On the performance angle, the F430 is very well engineered. Most magazines praise it's controllability and driver feedback. In stock form they are quite close to the Gallardo doing laps on a track. In GT3 racing, the F430 versions are winning on tracks against competing Gallardo and Porsche 911's. But to Lamborghini's credit, I think they have designed the Gallardo platform with a higher potential than the F430 (which came out later than the Gallardo). A Gallardo with stock 500hp + is relatively underpowered. It can take 800 hp with no problem. The F430 with 800hp would probably need more reworking to be controllable.

  2. Probably true, although I've heard that stock 430's are easier to control than Gallardos due to the great limited slip differential and no torque steer. But if you put 800 bhp in those cars, I'd take Gallardo. Btw, are the GT3 Gallardos 2wd?
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    Yes, stock F430's are well controlled, better than a Gallardo even, at the limit of adhesion they transition to oversteer with less snap, and in that sense inspires confidence. At least that is what I read off most mags. But based on track times at the Gallardo seems to have faster acceleration out of corners which let's it beat the Ferrari by a slight margin. The 800 hp F430 actually exists (edit: 700hp only ). The problem was forward traction rather than steering control, my error there.

    The Gallardo in GT3 guise is still AWD. It came second to the F430 in the Australian GT3 championships. Both were faster than the competing Porsches homologated for GT3.
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    is this the Gallardo you talk about?
  5. It was this Bryce Washington driven Gallardo
  6. hehe, I sense an impending post from PB to torment Lambo fans. Go away already!
  7. no no, lol, I ony wanted to know if it was RWD ore AWD. They brought it a couple of weeks ago to promote a race. It was racing a F430Ch, a GT3 RS and a Viper.
  8. Really! Show us more pics. The street version of that Gallardo GT3 is my dream car.
  10. I could part with every Lamborghini except for the diablo 6.0. I'm not going to try to muster up the words, but that car just does it for me.
  11. what type of race/racing is this from?
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    If you dig the Diablo, you might want to see this guy do open heart surgery on his 1992 model. He's not even a pro mechanic.
  13. yep, Ferrari's are better
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    And the statement in the original post that the best Lamborghini can do with racing is Balboni driving around Sant'agata Bolognese is utter bullcrap. And even if it was so I'd rather look Valentino drive a Lamborghini than Schumacher testing a 599 around Fiorano.
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