Lamborghini Aventador SV Revealed in Spy Photos

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    Lamborghini is preparing to launch an even more powerful version of its Aventador model and we have the very first photos of the new supercar.

    Spotted during filming in southern Europe there’s no denying that this is the SuperVeloce model out getting some photos snapped before the big reveal at the Geneva Motor Show in just a few weeks time.

    Making the SuperVeloce so super will be a bump in horsepower likely pushing the 700-hp V12 engine closer to 750-hp. Also expect a significant reduction in weight by as much as 200 lbs.

    Notable highlights include the massive rear spoiler and the four exhaust pipes that replace the single unit on the standard Aventador.
  2. looks like a fugly Mansory kit or something shit like that.
  3. came to post this.

    I think this may indicate that the Murcielago was the last great Lambo era.

    I dunno... I love the Huracan as best I can but I just can't get down with the AV anymore. It's just so mainstream now.

    Good for them for making a shit ton of money, I just dont care anymore.
  4. hell, I'd argue that the Hamann Toronado or whatever looks just as good/bad.

    I'd rather go full out Liberty Walk with that level of cohesion.

    Shouldn't I be blown away?

    Even the LP640 reveal was awesome in my memory.
  5. For real, the LP670-SV is now the last good looking SV model.
  6. Man I want to like this, but how can an SV look more boring than the base?
  7. You're right the Murcielago was "IT". The Countach design has been beaten to death. The only thing you can do with that design is make it sillier and sillier.

    As for them making a shit ton of money. Um not so fast. Huracans are selling well below MSRP. They are having big time problems moving them. Audi thought they would command over premium prices like the Aventador the first 2 years. Not so. They are having to move them well below MSRP.

    Maybe because people are waiting for the various incarnations of the Huracan to keep pace with the 488.
  8. i never really liked the merci until the SV. some of those matte finishes were great. that car managed to still look badass in hot pink
  9. They are just doing it all wrong.

    At least the Countach 25th Anni looked coherent.

    Ferraris are getting pretty damn crazy looking too, but their surface contours and stuff look like and probably are providing aero help.

    Aventadors now just look cut up, for the hell of it.

    Is that surface smooth?? well wtf are you waiting for, crease it!!
  10. I actually think it looks really good, kind of reminds me of the Countach in a way
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    Lamborghini Aventador SV Gets Tougher, Tighter and Lighter

    If you follow my reviews, you might know that I’m an unabashed fan of the Lamborghini Aventador. But this year, Lambo is bringing out the Superveloce, a new version that marks significant performance enhancements.

    For starters, the Avantador SV is about 110 lbs lighter than the Aventador. Lamborghini also massaged it’s 6.5-liter V12 to make an extra 50 HP for a total of 750 distributed between the front and rear wheels via a Haldex permanent AWD system that includes an automatically locking differential in the rear and an electronically controlled unit in the front. In case you’re wondering, it still uses Lamborghini’s seven-speed ISR single-clutch automated manual transmission.

    Full power comes on at 8400 rpm and torque sits at 509 lb-ft at 5500 rpm.

    But before we geek out on car tech too much, take a second and have a look at this thing.

    It gets a new front fascia, a big three-way adjustable rear wing and a new exhaust that all make it impossible to miss the fact that this thing goes farther than a normal Aventador. So what else is new? This model packs a new adaptive suspension that will individually adjust wheel damping during a corner.

    It also has a totally bespoke exhaust to reduce back-pressure to let the revised engine howl. This model also comes with the electromechanical dynamic steering system that debuted on the Huracan, but tuned specifically for this model.

    Gripe if you will about that, but this is a good thing. The new steering helps to save weight and speaking of weight savings, you should know that the infotainment system is gone along with the standard seats and door panels, which are both now made of carbon fiber.

    When you’re not looking at the all-new TFT gauge cluster, the cabin is filled with numerous other treats. Lamborghini pioneered a new Carbon Skin material that’s used throughout the cabin, including the headliner. The company says its soft to the touch but very “hard-wearing.” Though if you’d rather see the carbon fiber structure of this 3,363 lb supercar you can do that too with the car’s monocoque visible along the center tunnel and in other areas throughout the cockpit.

    Statistics on a car like this are as important as how it looks and the SV model does not disappoint. Lamborghini claims a 0-62 mph time of just 2.8 seconds and a top speed of over 217 mph!

    Ready to hit Rodeo drive? US pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but European pricing starts at about 327,000 Euros before VAT and delivery here will begin this spring.
  12. I must say I do like the styling
  13. I totally agree with. it is strange how the Aventador had been forgotten these days with all new hypercars, yet when I see one in the road I get the same feeling I had when I saw a Countach for the first time 28 years back..
  14. I find it all depends on the colour. the red didn't do anything for me but the yellow (a colour which I generally don't like) works very very well
  15. I really like the dark blue on the aventador also the orange fits this car very well
  16. agree 100% with that. would also like to see a dark purple one.
  17. I hope lambo brings this level of madness to the Huracan soon (In terms of design)
  18. I expect the huracan will look just like this in a year or two
  19. Pretty much the only thing I've liked from mansory
  20. Literally the best thing Mansory has ever done. They should just close up shop.

    And yes, the Huracan needs to be that.
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    Lamborghini Aventador SV Will Cost Nearly $500K

    The more hardcore Lamborghini Aventador SV will demand nearly a 25-percent premium over the standard Aventador.

    Having made its debut earlier this month at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, the Italian automaker will offer the Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce for a cool $493,069 including gas-guzzler tax and destination fee. Considering the standard Aventador runs $400,995, the Superveloce’s upgrades will cost nearly $100,000 but that might be worth it for a 110-lb weight savings and an extra 50 hp.

    On the outside, the Aventador SV features a new front end, three-way adjustable rear spoiler and a new exhaust differentiating it from its less exclusive counterpart while the interior is packed with a new Carbon Skin material. As for specifications, the Italian automaker claims the Aventador SV goes 0-62 mph in just 2.8 seconds and has a top speed of 217 mph.

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