Lamborghini Aventador videos

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  1. So what do you guys think of the aventador s?

  2. Which one would you have? Personally I love the SV, I love the way it freakin looks!


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  4. Are you the dude in the video?

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  6. Please stop making individual threads where all you do is post one video then make another thread. I have merged four threads together to make this one.
  7. Forgive me, I am obviously a forum rookie, didn't know I didn't have to create a new thread each time. Lesson learned.
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  8. I assume you mean the dude introducing the video? If so yes that dude is me.
  9. Those are actually quite well done. Sort of early Shmee-ish. Seems like you're using solid equipment and your editing game is good. You should probably do more talking to the camera while walking around, or at least stop for a second and do some intro on scene (rather than paste it in afterwards).
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  10. Hey bro, thanks for the tips. New to this game and learning all the time, I do intend to do more talking to camera once i figure out how to do so in a different way. My camera gear is pretty basic at the mo, will upgrade once the channel grows a bit. Watch this space!
  11. £2.6 Million Lamborghini Centenario delivery mayhem in London

  12. Exposed carbon Lamborghini Centenario has final drive before leaving for Italy.
    Leave me comment or ask any questions you may have.
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