Lamborghini Aventador with nice decal in Vietnam

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by Anh Xuan, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. Listen to the sound of V12 Engine.
    20160703_103622.jpg 20160703_103658.jpg 20160703_103806.jpg 20160703_103956.jpg 20160703_104232.jpg
  2. Meh not fond of it.
  3. With or without unnecessary decals, the Aventador is one amazing looking car.
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  4. This

    The last one I saw was dark blue with standard silver wheels. It looked fantastic
  5. I can't help but imagine how much dong it took to get that
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  6. You probably have very little dong if you buy something like that.
  7. yeah man, Aventador is the best car that design by Lamborghini
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  8. [​IMG]
  9. Nice, you're actually a real person. Good to see new posters who aren't bots.
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  10. and from Vietnam, nonetheless. I think that's a first for the site. At least, as far as active members goes.
  11. haha, you're right. I join this site because I want the world know about Vietnam. And maybe you don't know, supercars price in Vietnam is very expensive because tax. When the owner in Vietnam want to have supercars, they must pay more three times than UK's owner, US's owner,...
    So that means, Aventador price in US is 400.000USD, and in Vietnam, it will become more than 1.200.000USD =)))). Well, in US, with that money, you can buy Bugatti instead. LOL
  12. Damn... that's crazy!

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