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Discussion in '1999 Lamborghini Diablo SV' started by ferrariFX, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. the ferrari f50 kicked the shit outta this and its cheaper. i'd take a ferrari over a lamborghini any day. this diablo has looks and a good engine and the ferrari f50 has better looks and a better engine. this eve has like 10 more BHP(not that it makes much of a diffenence)
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    yup i would too the F50 is my favorite car......but man this lambo has sweetness all over both cars are worthy of car praise!
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    The SV is a legend the F50 is a based F1 car with 2 seats the wrong driving position smaller engine and its sylting is oh so terrible comapred to 355. SV is amazingly styled F50 is not
  4. I would take the F50 anyday. (if money wasnt a boundary)

    0-60 its quicker
    Better top speed
    Smaller Engine (a lot smaller) but still produces near enough the same BHP
    Better BHP per Litre
    Better looking

    The only thing in my opinion that the lambo has goin for it is the torque and the price. Bearing in mind that this F50 was built for years earlier than the '99 SV
  5. Diablo SV, it looks better

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