lamborghini diablo SV f50

Discussion in '1999 Lamborghini Diablo SV' started by ferrariFX, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. the ferrari f50 kicked the shit outta this and its cheaper. i'd take a ferrari over a lamborghini any day. this diablo has looks and a good engine and the ferrari f50 has better looks and a better engine. this eve has like 10 more BHP(not that it makes much of a diffenence)
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    yup i would too the F50 is my favorite car......but man this lambo has sweetness all over both cars are worthy of car praise!
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    I'm gonna have to go with the Ferrari F50 for some major reasons, first is that its my favorite car, second it has a top speed of 205mph, and a V12 engine, but overall the Diablo is a very good competeror, it is itself a great car with its own atributes, but overall i'd go with the ferrari, its a Ferrari for sake
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    sv- sure the f50 might be faster, better handling but ur tlaking bout cars which ur gonna buy for show, this lambo is so outrageous, im sure driving this slowly thorugh a town putting a smile on everyones face would be enough to buy this car alone, the F50 was based on an F1 car whcih is why it has 2 seats, a smaller engine??!?!, and come on be frank the stlying is way behind the lambo

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