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    Lamborghini Egoista Photos: Single-Seater Supercar Celebrates 50 Years of Extreme Styling

    Lamborghini’s newest and most outrageous creation yet is built with a singular purpose, namely, pleasing the driver. As a result, there’s no room for anyone besides the lucky individual holding the steering wheel in their hands.

    Called the Egoista (which, translated means “selfish”) the name says it all, with a singular focus on the individual owner. With just one-seat, it takes inspiration from fighter jets, with a cockpit that opens at the top and a head-up display dominating the view out front.

    Unveiled last night at the closing ceremonies to Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary celebration, company CEO Stephen Winkelmann drove the wild creation onto the stage in front of a gathering of owners and brand loyalists.

    Reportedly based on the Gallardo chassis it is powered by the brand’s 5.2-liter V10 engine which makes as much as 570 hp in certain models.

    The creation of VW Group design boss Walter de Silva it’s not yet clear if the Egoista is simply styling concept or the next in a line of low volume production specialties for those looking for a truly unique machine
  2. Paint it black and it'd make a decent Batmobile.
  3. Looks horrible and that name? lol
  4. It's so busy. The rear shot is okay but the front looks too tall and narrow in those lower angle pictures. The high angle front shot looks waay better though, def' a good candidate for a new batmobile.
  5. I thought the name was Ecosta.
  6. Its awesome
  7. I'd say Kill it with fire but its an italian car, so the problem will take care of itself.
  8. Lamborghini is like a star across the galaxy. Its going to be a slow and painful death to watch them die out the next 25 to 30 years. They've completely run out of ideas of how to redraw the Countach.

    This concept looks like a ship from Battle star galatica.
  9. That is as extreme as it gets.
  10. lol
  11. lol, an ugly one off is a sign of demise. Cause nothing ferrari has done was ugly.
  12. The Veneno was pushing it but pulled it off

    This is just lame and fugly
  13. I think that looks awesome. Then again hatchbacks give me boners
  14. Eh, Lamborghini has always had ugly one offs. the pregunta, while cool, was hideous as well.
  15. oh man lol I read "Lamborghini Lagostina" and I thought damn bruh we making pasta or what
  16. hahahaha
  18. it's a concept you fools!
  19. It somehow manages to be Italian, expensive, and aesthetically boring.
  20. I'd feel kind of embarrassed getting in/out of that car in public
    but then again, I don't feel comfortable getting in/out of much less ridiculous cars (s-class/cyaenne type of car)
  21. i don't see the problem. It's actually kinda awesome. We need more ludicrously outrageous supercars. Especially concepts of super cars.

    Obviously you'd look like a tool getting in and out of one but at a certain point, who gives a shit. It's not worse than stepping out of lots of custom lowriders, donks, ricers, hot rods, etc.

    At least this thing would get badge and rarity props.

    yah, typical AA answer, w/e
  22. What? You have some sort of anxiety disorder?

  23. you don't belong here.


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