Lamborghini Espada & LM 4x4

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  1. Using the Audi-developed Nuvolari concept (which rides on a shortened A8 platform) as a base, Lamborghini is developing a front-engine 2+2 coupe that will revive the Espada nameplate. With styling heavily influenced by the original, the new car will make use of the 500-bhp 5.0-liter V-10 developed for the Gallardo and give Lamborghini an entry to compete with the likes of Ferrari's 612 Scaglietti and Aston Martin's DB9.

    Also reportedly on the drawing board is an SUV replacement for the LM002 that will be powered by either the Gallardo's V-10 or the 580-bhp 6.2-liter V-12 used in the Murcielago. The new off-roader shown here in white, could be in unpainted carbon-fiber body panels.
  2. Pictures in R&T are hidious
  3. especially the SUV. Totally crap looking.
  4. I like the SUV but the Espada is a horror.
  5. That old Lambo SUV was badass.
  6. the design sketches for the new one are incredibly nasty though.
  7. It would be nice if someone would post pictures so I can see this new SUV for myself. I don't read R&T so I have no idea what it looks like or if I could even call ti horrible.
  8. I dont have the new issue yet. I saw it at WAl MArt.
  9. And you didn't pick it up!?! What kind of literate auto enthusiast are you?
  10. nasty wouldnt be the word

    total lack of any type of design knowledge, its a Gallardo with a rear end of a chevy nomad
  11. one who doesnt see a reason to buy an issue TWICE>
  12. Oh, I see, you're a subscriber. Tell the USPS to hurry up!
  13. Im patient...relatively. It was a great issue though. Usually Motor Trend, Car and Driver, Automobile, Autoweek, and Road and track all arrive within days of each other and I got the Automobile already.
  14. Did you subscribe to all of them?
  15. ja
  16. I envy you. I only get C/D. I look forward to it every month. You however, must not get as excited as i dp since yours come more spread out and you have more to read. I love C/D but it only takes me one afternoon to read through it all. If I got all the magazines you subscribe to, I'd be happy all month.
  17. but I promise you, it takes up a LOT of space. Im debating what to do with my old magazines (from about 1998 to present) I used to keep them for references and such, but osme are so old htey were previewing cars that have already entered a new generation. Its time to sell/get rid of them. anyone interested? PM me and maybe we can set something up.
  18. Where are you located, cuz I'm in Canada... and you'd think it'd be kinda weird if u got urs after mine and u live in the states? I got my issue like 5 days ago.
  19. Mine go back to 1982. Autoweek used to be a 13x18 newspaper! They are in plastic totes in the garage.
    Anyway, about the new Lambos, you'll just end up gouging your eyes out with your thumbs when you see them anyway, so put it off as long as possible.
  21. Postal worker have been known to "misplace" them for a few days.
  22. I never do that. the result is I have a 5th wall in my room composed of magazines.
  23. +1
  24. I have this big box filled with EVO magazines that I bought for 10 bucks each at Barnes and Noble. I love that magazine. I call it the Dream box because of hte amazing articles on supercars in those mags.
  25. Here is the pics of both of them

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