Lamborghini Estoque spotted in Germany

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by lambosam, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. I hope it uses a V12
  2. Considering there's a Gallardo Police car next to it, I'd say they're just parading around the concept car instead of actually testing it.

    Calling these spy shots is a joke as well, considering they're not exactly hiding the cars away or camoflaging them...
  3. badass
  4. Can't wait to see it in person, this is not far away from production.
  5. the most common colours are black and silver. black would looking damn amazing as would silver. other common colours for luxury sedans would be dark/navy blue, maroon red, etc. they would all look good in my opinion. white too.

    I personally wouldnt want lambo to make this car unless it had at least 600 hp.
  6. Car was at the "Schloß Bensberg Classic" show, a new classic and exotic cars show near Cologne in Germany. It is still the well-known Conceptcar, nothing changed.

    So no spy-pics nor any testing at all, just showing the Conceptcar as they did with the Miura Concept before.
  7. Go wash your mouth!! No blasphemy here!! Cadillac Sixteen and Aston Martin Rapide are the hottest 4-door concept saloons ever!!

    BTW, why is that a Reventòn with 4-doors??
  8. It would look #$%#ing wonderful in white.
  10. in what way are these spy pics? the car is on full public display ffs. stupid autonews websites are stupid
  11. The Sixteen is nice, but overdone. The Rapide's proportions are wrong.
  12. lol @ calling them "spy pics"

    so lame

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