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  1. I'm not sure about these acceleration figures in comparison to the Lamborghini Gallardo (0-60mph).

    The Supercars stats state the F430 takes 3.9 seconds while the Gallardo takes 4.1 seconds.

    If you look at the figures the Gallardo has 5% more HP and 10% more torque, and only a 1.5% weight penalty.

    Factor in more grip from the Gallardo's extra two driving wheels and wider tyres all round, with both cars using an E-gear system, and the Gallardo should definitely beat the F430 at this task, and at the 0-100mph too (no figures for the Ferrari yet).

    Brand loyalties aside, it's just common sense...
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    All wheel drives arent as good off a standing start as you might think.

    all wheel drives have too much grip, which makes them bog down and not accelerate as fast.

    rear wheel drives keep the wheels spinning just slightly which help keep the revs up in the power zone.

    see if you can find yourslef the episode of the bbc topgear show, whith the lambo murcielago and the pagani zonda. this is a great example of how 4wds arent good for standing starts.

    a site to download them using bit torrent is

    worth a look.
  3. You also forgot to think about gear ratios and torque curves.
  4. Thankyou... just what I wanted to write <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> Also the power curves.
  5. yes you forgot that you can have 7000hp drag car, but if your not able to put that power to the ground, the other guy can have 1500 and hita 5.6 1/4 while the top fuel car whill end up hitting a 8.9 or 10. 1/4.... in other words the f430 knows how to use its power while the lambo is trying too hard.... heres a fact buy the way the best handling cars in the world are rwd.... and the fastest cars in the world..... are.... yes u guessed it rwd too....
  6. I wouldn't totally agree that RWD is not good for starts. Look at the SCCA races the Audi AWDs kill the RWD cars every time.

    AWD is much bettre handling than RWD. The reason you don't see AWD in races is because it's not allowed because it's too much of an advantage! The SCCA Audis don't necessarily "handle" as well as the others because of the weight and height penalty of AWD systems.

    In a purpose built race car, AWD will trump RWD any day. Given the same car if one was AWD and one was RWD the AWD will win out as well if the AWD is applied correctly.

  7. dude there are limitations to awd thats why the fastest cars in the world if we are talking about draging are rwd its a fact and its that simple that is after all whats hes trying to say, not to mention if they cant put it to the ground then forget it.... btw any pro will tell you the best handling cars are rwd ..... its been proven time and time again when it comes to road racing...ow if your talking daily driver then yes, you gotta study more and read more about things man.... not trying to be mean but man take it from proven numbers heres a hint awd is good off the line in the street races but if a rwd thats faster sticks with it instead of giving up bcuz they think the other car is why to in front then they have a chance .... ive seen it time and time and read it time and time again....... facts dont lie
  8. If RWD is so good, why has virtually every racing series banned it and the ones that do(SCCA is the only one that comes to mind)penalize those cars for having it to "even" it out?

    AWD isn't in Drag racing because of the physics of such huge amouns of accel with the Gs. The front's wouldn't have enough weight over them to grip.

    The only reason any racer would say RWD is better than RWDis because they can't build a purpose built AWD race car because they aren't allowed in racing.

    The SCCA racers are stock based and therefore will have restrictions put on them as well the added weight height of AWD.

    The physics of it fully support AWD as better handling as opposed to RWD.

    AWD = more even tire wear, more even distribution power of more which means more grip, and a slightly less polar moment of inertia.

    Other than hearsay, what facts are you talking about that support RWD as being better handling thand AWD.

  9. simple man facts such as f1 the premier racing class which speeds and acceleration cannot be matched.... and thats exactly what im talking about you said it... there are no limitations on rwd un like awd... awd cars tend to understeer wheras the rwd cars when u take a corner.. and u start to understeer give it a little more gas to compensate... then youll control the corner.... remem i cant tell you how many times racers and engineers have said it but time and time again rwd is the way to go
  10. Are we talking track cars?

    I belive if you look at the Nuburgring (not sure if thats spelled right) lap records, porsche hoe 3 of the top 4 positions.

    As far as I know, the 911T is beaten by the GT3, which in turn is beaten by the GT2. Both of the latter are RWD, and the GT3 is also less powerful and (much) less torquey then the 911T.

    I've read in many comparisons and reviews that RWD makes the best track car. That 4WD is superior only in poor conditions.

    Also, dont forget, 4WD usually = worse weight ballance. Most performance cars have front or mid engine, with rear wheel drive, which comes close to evening out weight distribution. On the other hand, in a 4wd car, i belive the weight distribution will likely be biased to wherever the engine is mounted (front or rear).

    Porsche is the exceptino, in that it is rear engined and rear drive, which makes it amazing that they do as well as they do..
  11. u know nothing u shouldnt compare these cars. The f430 would rock the shit out of a gallardo any day and i dont say that cause im some die hard ferrari fan. I like lamborghini just as much if not more but im sorry it would get wooped
  12. You like your speed dont you, most of you pplz are talking about speed. I can decide until i actually see a RWD vs an AWD drag race for speed. But on handling i believe the RWD handles better. As you can tell, AWD have the Front wheels spinning (duh) more than a RWD because the Engine powers the front wheel (y am i saying that, you all know that anyway). Well anyways, if the AWD front wheels are spinning more that the RWD, which is most likely, when you turn, it would probably be easier to get oversteer and lose control of the car
  13. Hey people, just check the times at Top Gear. Even though the M3 is faster off the line than V8 S4, the S4 was a second faster on their track so stop saying rwd handle better than rwd cause most dont. AWD cars have an advanatge.
  14. theres a video on you tube, on a japanese car show, and the F430 handily beat the gallarado.
  15. the zonda f will take this car to school. smoke dis baby up hard
  16. Check a video by Best Motoring..even with mods and all, the Gallardo just couldnt keep up with the F430 round an oval track
    the F430 slowed down..let the gallardo go past and still trounced it towards the end!

    Everyone knows 4 wheel drive is slower round bends, except when it damp..
    why do u think racing cars have 2wd?

    there is no way the gallardo can go past an F430..fact.
  17. This fight between the f430 and the gallardo was settled on an episode of top gear and the f430 crushed the gallardo in every aspect and my opiniion is that the f430 is alot better
  18. whats wrong with people like you stop comparing a v12 650bhp to a v8 480 bhp car the zonda is a hypercar for the looks and the f430 is a supercar for racing and performance
  19. then why in the world do you think jermey bought the gallardo
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    Yeah but when it comes to corners the AWD could handle pretty well, and sticks to the road.

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