Lamborghini LP640 : First Drive

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    "The Murciélago's trucklike amble at low revs gives little clue as to the apocalyptic power delivery that awaits."

    "That wrecking ball of a V12 likes to give off a traditionally agricultural vibe, but in truth it's now an unremitting tech fest. Fully 90 percent of this power plant has been revised from the cylinder head and intake system to the crankshaft, camshafts and exhaust"
  2. Prior to this article I never noticed that the design was assymetrical
  3. u r talking about the air intake of the side skirt
  4. yes
  5. i haven't noticed it at first sight, but it's not bad looking, even coz is not easy to see it
  6. The side skirt air intake isn't on the other side?
  7. it looks different.
  8. the driver side one goes to the oil cooler, the other side doesnt


  9. not a fan of that front lip. Its hinting Vielside
  10. A pure BEAST!
  11. i want one... roadster if i can choose.......

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