Lamborghini making 80 more Reventons?

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by PandaBeat, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. It was the last true Enzo Ferrari... F40>any lambo ever. imo
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  3. is this true ?
  4. I tried to warn you!

    But good for Audi, at least they're making money.
  5. your error is paying attention to FNAF. he's a moron and has shown it time and time again (even in this thread).
  6. fUcking real to me.
  7. If this happens:
    -100000000 to Lamborghini
  8. seems to make sense..... building a select few of the truly most outrageous lambo since the countach...... jagged spikes, sprouty things coming out from the sides of it, I love it
  9. No not quite.

    When the F40 debuted Ferrari didn't promise it would only be 20 units making the car ULTRA EXCLUSIVE.

    When the Enzo launched some people GOT ON THEIR HANDS AND KNEES & asked Ferrari to build more cars. Some clients were so hell bent on getting the Enzo they threatened to never buy another Ferrari again. Ferrari saw it in their best business interest to produce 49 more cars for the same price.

    Ferrari didn't gyp anyone when they sold the Enzo. They were only meeting client demand. All cars sold for 660,000$ to the original owners.

    Now I really want to see if their are really 80 people on the planet foolish enough to pay 1.4 for the Reveton. If their are, kudos to Lambo for one of the biggest heists in western civilization.

  10. The Reventon clearly is extremely expensive, but you've got to take into account it's resale value in the future. Few cars appreciate in price over time or even keep it's value. There's not a shred of doubt that the Reventon will rock it's ass like starscream on whatever auction floor it stands in the future. So if you still ask me if the Reventon is expensive, hell yeah, but not unreasonably so. Don't be such a bookie about it all. After all supercars sell fantasies and fantasies the Reventon has in heaps.

    The real question here is whether the extra 80 units will cause all the cars to depreciate. Because even 1.4 million is a good deal as long as it doesn't. Just imagine, it'll be like owning it for free.

    If you're looking for a performance car at that price, get a used F1 car or a Caparo. Maybe even the "common" Veyron for the sake of spec numbers.
  12. Threads like this really bring out the retards
  13. i've read this somewhere awhile ago but meh, i'd rather buy a LP640 & a Gallardo spyder then put an order down on a murcie SV if i had enough money left before paying out the asshole for this thing.
  14. Thats a HUGE overstatement. the F40 did have on par competition, albeit with very different approaches
  15. You know how high the Enzo toll currently is ? - According to Ferrari chat.
    What about the extra F50's ?
    Do your research on Ferrari sonny boy
  16. I think they SHOULD make 80 more, but drop the price of all of them to something like 600-650K including the original 20.
  17. You mean because they applied so few coats of paint that you could see the weave of the carbon fiber through it? You know they did that to shave off a kilo or two, right?
  18. You mean reimburse the original customers? No, that's super retarded. They should sell the next 80 at the same price to retarded fanboys with more dollars than sense and then Audi will recieve the biggest high-five ever from me for awesome business wherewithall.
  19. Thats about what they are worth.
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  21. if that CAN sell another 80 at the same price, that would be a mere demonstration of the demand.

  22. WOW a KILO!!!
  23. did you just admit a rebodied LP640 is worth 650K? the same as the MSRP of the Enzoooooooo? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/amazed.gif"></A>

    I spoke to the guy in the plastics industry on rennteam. he said that he reckons the profits from the Reventon are not as much as people think. he said the mold for the headlight cover alone would be along the lines of a 500K investment. I wonder how much all the molds cost.
  24. theyre ugly and vastly overpriced but for some reason I'm not surprised the demand is there
  25. No, Ferrari didn't promised 20 units of the F40, they said there would only be 400 of them. They built 1315 units. That's 915 more units than what they said in the beginning.

    Ferrari built 50 more Enzo's than it first said. At the time when they decided to increase the production, all 349 Enzo's had already been sold.

    The Enzo and the F40 saw their numbers increased to meet client demand. Why do you think Lamborghini is increasing the Reventon units? It's to do exactly the same.

    We'll see if they're foolish a few years from know when we see what the car is worth on the used market.

    Open your eyes, there's more to the world than Ferrari.

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