Lamborghini or Porsche

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  1. I am just making this post 4 which one is more poppular as a Make lamborghnin or porsche i just wanna see which one is more popular and please do not say stuff about the other make and no fighting against anyone opinion. i just wanna see which make is more popular porsche or lamborghini...

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    In my opinion I like Lamborghini's better. But, in todays market in America Porsche are cheaper and easier to get. Just watch the roads and car shows you will deffinelty see more porsche.

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    in my ideal world id drive a porsche everyday and take the lambo out when im feeling cocky, but if i had to choose it would be the german
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    Lamborghini MAN!!!
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    Lamborghinis are extremley uncivilized and harsh on the driver, but they are amazingly fast and exciting. Porsche, with the exception of the GT2, are fairly civilized and not so daunting.

    If I had the money, I'd have both Porsche and Lamborghinis. If I could have only one, I'd chose a lamborghini.
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    I'd say lamborghini too. I've actually seen about 7 in real life. I went to a dealer down in florida. Porches are ok but don't perform nearly as well, in my opinion. They had plenty of them too.
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    Porsche... Lamborghini's body styling has't evolved much at all. If you look at this car and the at an 80's Ghini you'll see very little diference. Also the sound of Porsche's exhaust note is addictive. Sorry boys I'm going with the Porsche.
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    well hmmmm....I guess I could go out on a limb here and say that if you wanted German muscle, finesse and performance all in one package which is easily more affordable than the Lamborghini then the Porsche would be your choice, but if your tastes lean more towards exotics, and rare ones at that, then the Lamorghini would be your choice...I have a neighbor who recently purchased a late model (appears to be mid to late 80's) black Porsche 911 I think it's a turbo cuz it has a spoiler on it with nice chrome 5 spoke star wheels, and you can hear that thing comin down the is a beautiful machine! but all in all it is merely a matter of taste...but if I had to choose, I would go for the German, as well...just for pure affordability and the luxury you wouldn't find in a Lambo which would be a little more harsh, ride wise
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    i think the 993 turbo is the coolest car ever built..probably because i have driven one but still lambo diablo is a graet pice of machinery!
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    for looks i'd take the porsche.
    for price i'd take the porsche.
    for speed i'd take the lambo.
    for handling i'd take the lambo. by a hair.
    but if you want to make it fair.
    for $300,000 USD you can get a sportec tuned 911 that is faster then a $300,000 USD lambo. but then again that is a tuned 911.

    for the one fact that i could buy 3 911 turbo's for the price of one new lambo, i'd take the porsche.

    but remember, they are both in the same fam.
    both owned by V.W.

    so if you say any thing bad about porsche or lambo. you are retarded and bashing the same company.
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    You see Porsches everywhere you go. Not as common as Corvettes, but they are nowhere near as exclusive and rare as a Lamborghini. About the handling, it is true that when you buy a new Porsche you are literally buying a "perfect" car that runs like clockwork (due to the fact that most are made on the assembly line). Therefore, the Porsche is more civilized. The Lamborghini, however, is hand-built so there is room for error (as is always the case with hand-built cars). You must also realize that Porsches are made to be refined daily drivers.........a Lamborghini is not meant for that.
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    Another vote for Lamborghini.
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    Lamborghini of course !! Porsche is so boring !!!!!!!!
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    i would choose the lamborghini
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    ok lets go the carrera GT against the diablo.. i would go carrera GT.... looks better... more new... all that good shit...
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    well i would rather own a lamborghini
    but in terms of popularity porshe because they r cheaper and u see a heck of a lot more porshes than u do lambos
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    LWell, i would much rather own the Lambo
    but in terms of popularity the porshe...cause they r cheaper and u see more of them on the road
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    you are a #$%#ing dooshbag #$%# you and get a life
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    Lamborghini of course the murcielago can top the carrera gt

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