Lamborghini preparing a Reventon Roadster

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ajzahn, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. Mc12 to the enzo is a different matter, but they too made twice as many as what they claimed. However the mc12s price wasn't hyper inflated on acount of exclusivity the way the reventons was.
  2. true. but if you can sell the run of the car for 1.5m instead of 650k why wouldn't you?
  3. Not going to argue with you there. In fact, they could probably add a 2 dollar body kit to any unsold stock and charge 50 times the normal price and it would sell better than the base model. The more expensive it is, the more likely someone would buy it.
  4. exactly. its just a good business move. from what i've seen of the Reventon its not just a body kit on a normal Murcielago. its a completely different body and electrical system. its got one of the best dash boards ever put in a car.
  5. Yea, but still not worth 1.5mil. That's more than a veyron! Either way, I'm not blaming them for doing it, but reventon owners have a right to be pissed now.

    And yes the reventons dash wins, but in second comes the dash of the new Honda civics. No joke.
  6. I agree it isn't worth 1.5 million either. personally for that much money I'd go out and buy an XKSS or a 275GTB/4.

    I haven't seen the new civic dash yet.
  7. Oh it's lovely. Drives great too. My dad has just a regular 4 door model and I love driving it.
  8. no, but many Ferrari special editions ARE inflated. Just because of the badge on the front. I dont see why Lamborghini is always flagged for doing this when every exotic car maker makes special editions and usually charges exorbitant prices for them. Was the nissan R390 roadcar worth 1 million? Well it was priced that much. Supercars cost alot to make and have a high end stigma befitting of sky high prices.
  9. just playing devil's advocate, because I really dont care if Lamborghini charges 1 billion for their cars.

    the difference between all of those is that Lamborghini charged more than 3 times as much for the reventon as the base model, but essentially they were the same car.
    I mean, if I were a stupid rich showoff I probably wouldnt care. And thats who this car is built for.

    But what is #$%#ed up is that they justified the price by how exclusive the car was. Now theyre making essentially the same car but without a roof, and the exclusivity of the car drops in half.
  10. oh, so instead of 20 cars youll never see, there will be maybe 40-50. thats still ridiculously exclusive. there will be a thousand Veyrons out there at over a million (some at 2 million) apiece but I dont see anyone questioning the value of that. Its a limited edition collectible car and thats what investors see. They dont care if the performance is similar or if the car is actually worth that much. If people buy it then so be it.
  11. You're missing my point. The veyron was a purpose built car. The reventon is just a murcielago with a lot of largely superficial changes that they charged 3 times as much for. I dont really have a problem with this specifically...
    Just saying that they justified this price by claiming there would only be 20. Now theyre doubling that figure. All im saying is that I think Reventon owners have the right to be upset. They paid a HUGE premium for exclusivity... and now the exclusivity is halved.

    edit: a lot of people bought them as investments as well I'm sure.
  12. How much did the MAser GTZ or the 575 Z cost ?
    Is Zagato that much better than the centro stile ?
  13. Yes they are really starting to look pathetic.
  14. I think lamborghini would have made alot more people happier if it had made significant perfomance upgrades to the reventon, its just stupid that its just a murcielago there.........when you really think about it, its a poser..........a ricer....
  15. So the Zagato creations of recent years are poseur cars ?
  16. Oh no!! they are making money!!! why arent they a broke ass car maker like koenigcrap?????
  17. wow, a roadster... brilliant
  19. OMG a nuuuuuuu Murcielago! I CAME! I JIZZED IN MY PANTS!

  22. I agree with you.

    It's a bit of a cop out.
  23. I know some people adore the Zagato designs, but I am no fan, infact, dont like at all the design "language" of Zagatos and Giuriaro design studios. Zagato is too organic, way beyond what i like in a mechanical object. Giugiaro designs cars that look like they belong in Back to the future 2.

    I really do prefer a stock aston than a weirdly shaped headlighted me crazy.....
  24. He wasnt asking your opinion on their designs...
  25. Thank you for not answering the question, thus furthering my point.
    This is a special bodied car, simple as.
    If it was to wear a pininfarina, bertone or zagato badge you all would be cheering

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