Lamborghini sees no recovery until 2011

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  1. After several years of record growth, Lamborghini, like most automakers, is struggling in a tough economy. Sales are down 30% so far in 2009, and the Raging Bull even laid off factory workers for seven weeks in an effort to keep down inventories. Chief Executive Stephan Winkelmann told Reuters that he expects the sales slump to continue through 2010, saying that the "crisis is very deep."

    Winkelmann points out that sales are down over 40% in the US (Lamborghini's top market), and the company's waiting list has dropped from one year to six months. Lamborghini's struggles closely mirror problems with the economy at large; areas that have been hit by investment banking and real estate woes aren't in the market for Italian supercars.

    Regardless of the dim forecast for the next 18 months, Winkelmann is still bullish when it comes to profits. The company cleared 60 million euros in 2008 ($84 million in US funds) and the Italian automaker expects to remain in the black even if sales take a 40% plunge. And the world renown luxury exotic automaker will have to stay solvent while vastly improving its carbon footprint. Lamborghini plans to reduce CO2 emissions coming from its vehicles by 35% in six years.
  2. There is a Lambo dealer right up on Andover street near Danvers that had a few nice Murcs in the showroom but now the showroom is completely empty. Makes me wonder if they shut that dealership down or seriously cut back on their inventory.
  3. if theres no cars in the showroom they would'av more liky closed the place down
  4. hah..I should've been smart enough to figure that one out. They did have an orange Murc & a purple one in their showroom, however. Which I would have tried to get some shots of, because they were pretty sweet.
  5. Go to Lamborghini Miami on US 1 in south Miami.

    The showroom is full of cars & the back lot is packed with Gallardos just sitting there.

    The economy doesn't have anything to do with their drop in sales. Their line up does. They need an SUV & a practical front engine model.
  6. No.
  7. yeah lambos do look pretty sweet
  8. Yes.

    The salesman at Audi himself even told me thats what the problem was.

    Also spoke to a dealer at a shop in Miami that sells both Ferrari & Lambos. The "auto toy store" in Miami sells all exotics from Porsche to the FordGT they don't have a bias either way. A salesman there said the same thing. Lamborghini's line up is old & people aren't going to keep buy reinvented versions of the same car.
  9. Iron Stallion lol
  10. WHILE THE LIKES of Fiat, Honda and Toyota Australia are anticipating an upswing in the global car market, supercar manufacturer Lamborghini does not share those sentiments.

    With sales figures dropping off by 30 percent in the first five months of 2009, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann believes that the company will remain profitable even at current sales levels, but does not expect the market to show any genuine recovery until 2011.

    “We could stay profitable with sales that are dropping at 40 percent (in 2009). We are foreseeing a scenario that is staying on the same level next year and coming back in 2011,” he said. “I’m prepared to face another tough year in 2010,” Winkelmann told Reuters.

    Don't laugh man. Its pretty sad.
  11. Why do you think Porsche is in such a deep hole right now? An SUV and a sedan that they had to sink a ton of money into to develop. That's the last kind of expenditure Lambo needs.

    They are a very narrow focus company with a specific badge image, and you want them to muddy that for wider appeal? Buy a Volvo.
  12. A two model line up is never going to fly.
  13. you're a joke.
  14. Porsche 911, be it shrunk, roofless, with or without back seats, with a lift kit it's still a VWBUG
  15. Pagani-Koeniggsieg (can't spell)-Maybach-Rolls Royce-Bugatti-Lotus

    All niche market players with two or fewer models (not including different packages, than Lambo has more than two as well) that are still going strong.

    Niche companies have always been around and will remain relevant.
  16. Iron Stallion is right. You're all retarded.
  17. Deep thoughts; with Pandabeat
  18. its a funny joke
  19. lol
  20. actually the SUV helped them a ton, it was a brilliant idea on their part, a huge untapped market that they have a large market share in thanks to that car

    he's right, lambo needs to change their line-up
  21. One thing that I learned about this site is that their are a lot of "kids" on here who know nothing of economics. The look of Lamborghini drives the passion of geeks & nerds who have no girlfriends or people who desperately need or want attention. But millionaires and people who can afford these cars aren't driven soley by exotic looks because if your car isn't fun to drive they don't give a damn how it looks if it has no passion or emotion while being driven.

    The problem with Lamborghini's 2 car line up is..........

    1. The 2 cars look strikingly similar.
    2. The 2 cars are too over the top & not practical enough for daily driving
    3. Their are just too many editions or versions of each.
    4. The Audi factor, the Gallardo shares too many parts with Audi
    5. The Gallardo just simply isn't as fun to drive as the 430 or GT2. (those comments are from numerous people that own or have had all 3 cars)
  22. Once again Iron Stallion proves he doesn't know what hes talking about

    "The 2 cars are too over the top"

    Did you forget what a Lamborghini is??
  23. Totally agree.

    Iron ponny seems to be on a hike at the moment, no offence.. but over the years 2006-2008 their car lineup was with 2 models (with various variations/versions, of them)

    and their sales went up,up and up...

    So their lineup is okay, but i would also think it'd be great with atleast one more model, sure thing.

    but i mean with all this economy crisis, its understandable that a automaker of exotic and expensive cars go down in sales!

  24. This is still seriously being considered for production

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