Lamborghini SUV leaked – going to Beijing

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  1. The Estoque was killed for this?

  2. Laaaaaame. Looks like an evoque
  3. I don't like these new Alienware interiors.
  4. And a $200k car should look like it's worth $200k.
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    where were these photos taken
  6. Very important project for Lambo. The haven't made a dime for Audi since being acquired. If they can put this vehicle in production and sell them they could actually start to turn a profit for Audi.
  7. it looks pretty boring, BUT, the important thing about it is that it has a V10 which will probably sound amazing. hearing it will make it a lot more desireable.
  8. That is a waste of a V10 IMO.
  9. You could Have told me the pictures are of a preproduction concept Kia softroader and I would believe it
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    Lamborghini Urus Super SUV Officially Unveiled In China

    The promise is to make it the most powerful series production SUV on the market, but also the least polluting.

    Lamborghini has told us repeatedly that it wasn't planning on doing such a thing anytime soon. We expected most likely the front-engine four-door super sedan – playing off the 2008 Estoque showcar and 1968-'78 Espada – to become the raging bull's third model line.

    Feast your eyes on the Lamborghini Urus, or "LB736." First off, yes, it is part of an upcoming (i.e. sometime in 2015) Volkswagen Group premium SUV onslaught. In the company of Lamborghini design director Filippo Perini and research and development guru Maurizio Reggiani, we were able to pry into all of the details back in mid-March during a special preview at company headquarters. We've had to hold off scribbling until today because the official debut for the edgy 4x4 happens right about now at the Beijing Motor Show. China is foreseen as a good market for the supersonic SUV, but North America is also a top priority.

    In comparison to the clumsy Bentley EXP 9 F concept seen at the recent Geneva Motor Show, the Urus hits us almost gleefully by comparison; it's right on the money with Lambo's current design language. Lamborghini's Perini understands that this is a polarizing proposition: "When Lamborghini creates a whole new model line, it's automatically risky since it doesn't happen so often."

    And we were nervous about it, too, imagining a four-seater setup that would need to ride way too high, sort of like the first generation Porsche Cayenne or that Bentley. But when the veil came off and the hard lights hit it, we were pleased.

    Read more and pics here:
  11. seriously shitty

    all lambo need to do now is shove an Audi 1.9 TDI engine in there now
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    if only it sounds like a lm002

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    not unless they plan on putting an old carb'd V12 in there
  14. evo is reporting that it will have a twin turbo V8 so that it can share with other stuff in the group. Audi must really need Lamborghini to turn a profit.
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    Lamborghini Urus in the Flesh – Video

    Laden with power yet light with carbon fiber, the Lamborghini Urus debuted ahead of the Beijing Auto Show yesterday much to many people’s delight.

    Bragging an impressive 600 hp from an undisclosed engine, the company says its SUV concept will be priced less than the Gallardo and Aventador and aimed to sell around 3,000 units per year.

    If actual sales manage to meet those numbers it could mean the brand doubling its current business, a somewhat predictable turn of events under Volkswagen leadership.

    With that lower, though undecided, pricetag, the Urus could slot in nicely to compete with other super SUVs like the X6 M and Porsche Cayenne Turbo. Despite being able to compete, Lamborghini also said the Urus will have lower CO2 emissions than that of the BMW, Porsche and others.

    Improved emissions almost certainly have something to do with the engine which we don’t know about yet, but true to Lamborghini fashion, lightweight construction is found throughout the vehicle, not just the body.

    See video here:
  16. 600hp and better emissions than two cars with turbochargers... one can only conclude that it will also have a turbo or two
  17. well this is going to be out of my price range <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  18. It's pretty bad
  19. If they really want to make a profit, they should just make some more UBER edition cars like the Reventon, and charge a million dollars markup instead of diluting the brand with a car nobody really wants.

    Either that or make the estoque, a car people ACTUALLY want, and actually fits in with the company's heritage.

    edit: in fact if VAG was really smart, they would have developed this as some ultra premium porsche model, call it the first Supercar SUV or something. That way Porsche still gets to have the honor of saying they have the most exclusive SUV on the market, this car still gets developed, and ultimately the same people make the same money, meanwhile the integrity of the lamborghini brand is maintained and does not become the brand driven by rich soccer moms.
  20. the thing with the ultra limited edition cars is that, although the profit margins are massive, they can only really sell 20 or so of them to maintain the exclusivity. Tbh the whole point of someone wanting to buy that sort of car is how exclusive it is/how unobtainable it is for 99.9% of people. If they made hundreds of milion dollar specials then they'd lose their cachet and they wouldn't really be able to justify chargnig so much for what really amounts to a regular production car.

    Almost any car company's focus will always be on volume as far as making money goes - look at the cayenne - made, and continues to make a TON of money for Porsche and basically revived the company as far as being a money-making company goes.

    That being said, the Sesto Elemento will be along soon...
  21. 'diluting thebrand with a car nobody really wants'

    didnt everybody say this about the cayenne
    non car people buy cars too
    and they buy luxury suvs
  22. car fans probably said it, but yeah from a business perspective it was clearly a good move.

    anyway i don't mind at all. if lambo want to make a ton of money selling cars in bigger volumes by way of making an SUV then fine. It's not like they're going to suddenly stop making supercars for fans to get excited about.
  23. ya car 'enthusiasts' are the only ones who get upset about 'diluting the brand'

    and who cares about a bunch of internet kids
  24. No I get that, they can make more money with this SUV, theres no denying it. But that said, theyre making 3000 of them at 200k a pop, assuming an optomistic estimate that they make 100k profit on all of them, theyll make 300 million dollars minus the costs to develop it. No idea how much it costs to develop something like this, im guessing the chassis will be VAG, probably engine too, still this is a new car so there will be a lot of development cost, say 100 million? No idea, pulling numbers from my ass.

    Anyway, reventon sold for like 2 million USD and was basically an lp640 with new bodywork. All 40 sold in a years time. Just how much profit did they get from that? Again, no idea, but probably around 70 million.

    So yes they clearly make a shit ton more money with the SUV route, but again, they could just as easily develop and successfully market the same performance elite SUV under another name, like Porsche or Audi, or even Bugatti? [Bentley already having an SUV] All these makes seem like a much better fit for a car like this, and theyd still make the same money for the same people.

    Maybe Im being bitter.

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