Lamborghini SUV?

Discussion in 'Prototypes, Concepts and Electric' started by Vision K2, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. I heard a few years ago that lamborghini was going to make an suv due out in 2007/2008. has anyone else heard this? and if so is the one at the NAIAS going to be it or close to it?
  2. the car released on NAIAS is the Concept-M which is re-creation of the legendry Miura.
    at Geneva Motor SHow lambo will release somthing new, but who knows what that will be?? mybe the production model of the concept M, or the 2+2 car, or the upgraded Murcielago, or somthing related to the Gallardo, or mybe the SUV???
  3. this one?
  4. Front reminds me way too much of a nissan murano.
  5. Definately could do better.
  6. It bedder be fast if its going to be produced
  7. I think they would need to expand the factory, AFAIK they are pretty much at full production capabilities.
  8. I was talking about this one that was there.
  9. hahahahaha
  10. thats minging
  11. are they serious? a two door SUV?!?!
  12. yes, here is another one:
  13. Is that a real Lambo concept? or a design student?
  14. Did you honestly think that this was going to be produced?
  15. aheem.... bring back the LM002
  16. Thats badass.
  17. Thats good as a design study, but seen on the street I'd piss myself laughing.
  18. Looks like a LEGO kit.
  19. I took those pics at NAIAS. It was a design students interpretation...
  20. Wow, all those are very, very ugly. If Lamborghini is going to make an SUV, they can't give it styling cues from their other cars. They have to do like what they did with the LM002 and make it badass in a more Hummerish kind of way.
  21. That is just freaking cool
  22. thats just a desing idea from a design student
  23. The wheels are awesome, but the rest is meh.
  24. Tires are a bit rediculous.

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