Lamborghini SUV?

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  1. I know that there were more photoshops... there was one that I really liked.
  2. Just curious, but to what photoshop are you refering to. If it is the LM002, it isn't a photoshop. If not, can you post a picture or describe so your comment makes sense?
  3. they should just stuff a Gallardo engine into the LM002 and re-release it and a Murcielago engine in the Countach and re-release that as well.
  4. Totally, and put an LP640 engine in a Miura and re-release that too...
  5. it wouldn't fit
  6. No.. the new concept. I think it was one by auto-build and it had gallardo rear lights.
  7. Ahh, found the picture. But that is my idea of SUVs, more sport in them. I mean I never got why the hard concept, high stance offroad with low profile. That is what every single high speed offroad vehicle is. Just watch Baha, dakar etc. all of em low profile, high clearance.
  8. Can you post the pic?
  9. make it fit
  10. I don't think that increasing the Miura's width by atleast 40cm would flater it
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  12. the new lambo SUV concept with the huge wheels reminds me of a warthog from Halo with a roof and no machine guns.
  13. why does this thread never die?
  14. Funny thing is that the 2 door "SUV" was around long before the 4 door. although back then, the term was ranch wagon. Can anybody say willy's jeep?
  15. I reckon Lamborghini should scrap the SUV idea. It's total Sh*t
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  17. nah couldn't be stuffed
  18. lambo should stick to the cars it would proably cost them too much to devolp a suv and i dont know if anyone would buy it becuase u have so many other choices that are more likley than not... 1 cheaper 2have more room 3are easier to fix 4 bigger 5better of road abilty lamborghini should stick to the reputation they have right now making only a few very fast nice looking and nice sounding cars
  19. It would be very easy and cheap to adapt the Q7/Touareg/Cayenne platform, there isn't any V10/V12 SUV on the market and judging by Cayenne Turbo sales there might be a place for it next to people that want a fast SUV with some exclusivity to it
  20. hello i dont know about all of these photoshops but this is the closest to the real lamborghini suv you can get at the minute

    the pictures are of a bentley suv which will be a sister vehicle to the lamborghini suv
  21. I'm afraid to tell you those pics are computer-generated images speculating on that possible Bentley SUV. There's nothing official so far.
  22. they may be computer generated but i am friends with some staff that work for VAG and all of them indicate that the car above has been green-lighted ofr production just to let you all know
  23. even if there will be a Bentley SUV looking like that with a Lamborghini based on the same platform. The Lamborghini would look completely different, not as round.

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