Lamborghini: The new 12-cylinder

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  1. seriougly being like "ferrari engine will be way better" is such a childish reaction, most of all if theres only rumours about it, also, i'm pretty sure too that this rumor is right, but this doenst make this engine any less awesome.
  2. or they could go back to the original formula with a twin turbo charged monster.
  3. I dont think there is any room for turbo lag (even a little)in a modern Lamborghini track refined machine. I think it would dull their senses at the limit and they wouldnt have the snappy high revving paddle shifts they now have, and the onset of power would just be a little off.

    This is assuming you are making the engine much smaller in desplacement and adding the turbos
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  5. Well if it is done by Audi it comes with loads of endurance racing pedigree ... oh wait ...
  6. As a American, I can say that this will be the Best Car ever created. As a American I know these things because I am from the Best country ever. I rest my case
  7. BOOM
  8. I just can't stand how people are like "Ferrari is better than Lamborghini" or "Lamborghini is better than Ferrari" when both cars are baddass anyway. Plus each company target different people and different ideas on how a supercar should be like.

    Jeremy Clarkson defined Ferrari and Lamborghini the best way. If your a dentist, the Ferrari is like a nice power drill. Very fast, precise, well mannered, and will get the job done quickly. Lamborghini on the other hand is like a big ole' hammer!
  9. It's going to be awesome but hos is the transmission 50 % faster than a DCT transmission ? It's impossible since the DCT shifting time is 0.
  10. Information about this is kinda slim, but not all DSG boxes are instant. [not instant, 6ms]

    Its only during up-shifting when the next gear was preselected. As far as I know, not all DSGs do this. The GTR for instance shifts at 200ms.
  11. They should really have a manual option for this car. I don't care how fast a car can shift, I will still take the manual over it.
  12. Same as the 458, it's more trouble than it's worth designing a chassis and drivetrain around being able to accept two different types of transmissions to give the customer an option that only 1% of customers are gonna choose.
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  14. zZZzzZZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzZZZZZzzz
  15. It seems EVO leaked a pic.
  17. the specs are incredible especially the weight

    but lambo not taking any risks design wise looks like production reventon

    has lambo become the porsche of supercars same shape every time
  18. Horsepower is horsepower weather forced or NA
  19. the little brother of the reventon.
  20. We all pretty much knew what it looked like anyway. I would have preferred if they didn't do all this teaser shit and showed it all at once.
  21. spec wise

    this thing will beat the crap out of reventon
  22. Don't go all Raging Bull on this car.

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