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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from chameleon</i>
    <b>Yeah, the weight was the first thing that jumped out at me. 2315 lbs is unbeleivable considering the technology/materials that were available to them at the time. It definately shows the engineering potential of lamborgini, this car even had an aluminum engine to save weight! Not the kind of thing you would expect from a car made in 1963.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE --> well actually Nepoleon was going to outfit his entire army with alumium armor and weapons due to its high streangth to weight ratio, but back then costs of extracting the metal were insane, so he didnt. ppl thing aluminum is soo weak and flimsy cuz thats what coke cans are made of, however it would cost too much to make coke cans out of aluminum, so there made out of tin and only the pop tab is made out of it.<!-- Signature -->
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    Re: lamoborghini tractors - its not hard to find. And theres links too.
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    Ya but there arent any tractors on that site
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    Tell me about it vizkiz. I have a 76 vette that you have to "wear". But thats not the problem with vettes. The odd part is getting used to driving one. You're sitting in the back of the car and it seems like you have 10ft of car in front of you. If you wanna ride a car that's "cramped". Try sitting in a Eclipse or better yet a 3000GT. I have a 94VR4. You're feet are striaght out in front of you and if you're any taller than 6ft you can't fit. Its like sitting in a recliner. And if you have to stop in a hurry, you end up smacking your head over the roof.
    Anyways, to the subject of tactors, the early Lamborghini tractors looked like a 20's or 30's model Massey Ferguson. Knew a guy that had one, it was a POS and wouldn't run worth a crap. As far as I know, its been sitting in his yard since it was new... Ironic compared to what Lamborghini makes now. Although I'm not sure I'd pay $250,000 for one even if i had it. I'd much rather have a Lingenfelter 427 Twin Turbo Vette for about $100,000...
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    I dont think anybody in here wants to know about tractors
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    i hear there tractors are of really good quality
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    exaclty....if his tractors were of poor quality then the car company would never have started

    Mr.Lambo there made it big of selling tractors and farm equipment and thats where he got the start up for developing cars.
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    I read somewhere lamborghni started makin cars cuz he was pissed at his ferrari. he reckoned it didnt really go, so set about makin faster cars than those from maranello at sant' agata. dunno if its true tho

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