Lap times for supercars vs. tuned cars

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Pando, May 11, 2011.

  1. Standard Mclaren F1 at Tsukuba Circuit, time trial: 1:04.62 on a hot lap -- driven by professional JGTC racing driver.

    How on earth is it possible for a tuned Honda S2000 with 280 hp, various modifications to suspension, brakes, etc. and weight reduced to 968 kg possible to run Tsukuba at 1:01.01?

    Or how about a modified RX-7 with 400 HP and at 1100 kg running at 0:59.688?

    Now, they didn't specify what tires these cars use, but from being able to observe them visually they are not slicks, nor are they very wide. Perhaps they are using soft tires that will not last very long despite them not being slicks? That doesn't make a lot of sense though.

    But my question is simply, how can the standard F1 get beaten by THAT MUCH by a 280 HP S2000? Now, I'm fully aware that the stock F1 is not set up for track use by default, but how can it be that bad? The F1 is light and is excellent in pretty much every regard. Tsukuba is a very tight track, I know that, but I still can't see it, not even nearly.
  2. Tires, weight and setup.

    Mainly tires though. I saw 6 seconds a lap on 90 second laps by going from fairly sticky streets to a set of hoosiers without even resetting the car up.
  3. Were they even on the same day?
  4. Like you said, the tires of a mclaren F1 road car, and the road setup all slow it down considerably.
    These cars you're comparing it to are stripped down track machines set up for that specific track.
  5. mclaren f1 isnt a great track car
  6. S2000 has VTEC YO
  7. McLaren F1 can't handle.
  8. ugh dude, a go-kart would go faster on Tsukuba, it's such a small track; can't use all the potential of the F1.

    Try on Grand Valley Speedway and we would have different results
  10. The n00b racers will use this in an argument. But 2 cars, specifically set up to race on a the same track with equal tires on the same day, with equal drivers is the only way to tell which one is faster.
  11. The driver's familiarity with the track and car are factors as well.
  12. Not gonna argue with that!
  13. Tires and setup are part of the car, so as long as you have similar drivers and similar track conditions, you can get a pretty good estimation on which is faster for that track/conditions.

  14. Yes.

    I say the biggest single modification you can do (that makes a big difference) to a car in terms of performance is changing tires..
  15. It depends on what you're trying to learn. If you're track testing two cars to see which is faster straight off the showroom floor, then you want to test them with the stock tires. OTOH, if you do track days, you're comparing a Z06 to a GT3, and you know that you're going to use R6s rather than the stock runflats on the Z06, then it makes sense to test both cars with whichever tires you plan on using. Remington made a valid point when he suggested using equal tires. GRM used to test all cars with BFG R1s.

    When comparing 'Ring times, sometimes it's relevant to put an asterisk next to the tires and sometimes it isn't.
  16. If youre comparing cars, youre comparing THAT GT3 to THAT Z06 unless theyre both perfectly stock from the factory. Testing a GT3 and a Z06 each on R6's is not indicitive of anything but which is faster on R6s. One may handle the change from stock better than the other, while other things may lean the other way.
  17. Too soon, Jr.
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  19. Like I said, it all depends on what you're trying to learn. many people buy cars like Z06s without any intention of tracking them, and they care about 'Ring times purely for bragging rights. In that scenario, you want to test the cars with stock tires. If you actually plan on tracking the car, its performance on run flats is irrelevant because no one uses them on the track.
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  21. realistically though, pretty much nothing is faster than a superkart minus things like LMP1, F1, and maybe a few other things.
  22. Someone should make a Toyota Camry do 8:00 at N-ring.
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  24. I can't believe TFATF jokes are still playing well on this website... what, 10 years on? Seriously guys, I think it's time.

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