Laptop doesn't like video games

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by chvygrl04, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. OK... So I'm playing a game called Dungeon Keeper on my sister-in-law's laptop. I'm in the middle of completing a level and it shuts off. Its done this to us on numerous occasions. We can't figure out if it's the game or the computer itself. It's running on Windows XP Professional and she suggested that its maybe an information overload but I don't think that's the problem. We aren't really tech savvy so does anyone have any suggestions on how to correct this problem?

    EDIT: the game shuts itself off... not the computer
  2. plug it in
  3. wash it in the shower
  4. buy a mac.

    set it, and forget it
  5. burn a Koran for computer fuel. it works for me, five times a day. facing Mecca.
  6. I would hope your computer could run a 13 year old game just fine, power wise.

    im sure its an incompatibility somewhere.
  7. Try updating your drivers and look for any patches released for the game.
  8. I tried a mac once when I was in college. Couldn't ever get used to it. They might be better but I'm not comfortable with them.
  9. TITS or GTFO
  10. Its not uncommon for old games to run into compatibility problems when running on a modern computer. Its not that the computer cant handle the game, its the operating system is too new and not all software is backwards compatible. Sometimes it helps running the program under compatibility mode for an older OS, but often it doesnt. Still worth giving a shot. Right click on the program icon [the icon you click on to run the game] and select "properties"
    Then go to "compatibility" tab and run the program as... Oh I dont know... Windows 98 probably. If that doesnt work try windows 95. If that doesnt work, then it wasnt meant to be.

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  11. Did you try pressing the Turbo button?
  12. I had a Turbo button on my old 386.
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  14. Well, you'll surely never have any PROBLEMS with games anymore...
  15. games r ghey
  16. just the kind you play, silly.
  17. dungeon keeper huh, +1 for style :-D
  18. I was about to ask how on earth do you get it to work in the first place? I've had tons of issues with both of them, not being able to make them run.

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