Largest city in 2050

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  1. What will be the largest metropolitan area (OECD criteria) by population in 2050 in your opinion?
  2. Palmerston North
  3. Haarlem or Stoke on trent
  4. Shenzhen, China.

    It had 30,000 people in 1979. It now has 12 million, and still rapidly growing.

    Shanghai has also seen a 50% increase since 2000.
  5. I'm thinking Jakarta or Lagos. Voted Jakarta.
  6. Rivet City, Capital Wasteland.
  7. Some natural disaster will #$%# it over.
  8. uranus is way bigger than a city
  9. Population-wise, probably one of the big Chinese cities. Since there's a lot of them, it's hard to tell which will be the most populated. Since Guangzhou and Shenzhen (and a bunch of other mega-cities) are all part of the same metropolitan area, I would put my money on that, as far as this thread goes.
  10. what a about a metropoophole
  11. Derp, it's liek a 2 hour drive from Shenzhen. Guangzhou-Foshan-Dongguan is a smaller version of Shanghai-Suzhou.

  12. Ya prolly. Or everyone will die of dysentery.

    In any case, cities like Jakarta, Manila, Dhaka, Lagos, etc. will be home to an impressive amount of people in 2050. Rapid population growth, low % of population live in urban areas, lack of effective government intervention to prevent overpopulation in megacities, etc.

    Most of Nigeria or Indonesia is still pretty rural and very much 3rd world, yet the largest cities in these countries have over 20 million inhabitants. And the population densities are just ridiculous; Hong Kong which is pretty damn dense by any standards has a population density of 6,5k/km2 (45 long gross/yoctobarn for the Americans). Lagos has 20k and Dhaka 45k.

    There will a considerable amount of poo and rioting.
  13. And Tokyo the largest city? Hell no. All of the remaining Japanese will be 170 years old in 2050.

  14. Actually really wanna go to Dhaka.
  15. Japan, 2050
  16. lol tru
  17. I'm assuming it will all become one giant city by then.
    Mexico City takes a couple of hours to drive through too.
  18. 2 hours with no traffic at motorway speeds. I've spent 3,5 hours driving from PVG to Jiading.
  19. And #$%#ing nobody commutes to Shenzhen from Guangzhou or vice versa. About a billion people commute from Shenzhen to Hong Kong. Even that's a 45 min train ride.
  20. Fine, let's discuss this in 35 years.

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