Last beer you drank

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by IdoL, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. Lucky... is not having to every listen to another one of those retarded Lucky Lager commericals on the radio.
  2. Harboe Pilsner
  3. harbl?
  4. No it is a danish crap beer.
  5. WTH, are you brazilian?
  6. shiner bock!
  7. some czech beer i don't remember which reichsfuhrer gave me...

    its was pretty good.
  8. Coors Light ... mmm water.
  9. Rolling Rock..........

    the last batch before the dumbasses move it to newark, new jersey and #$%# up the only low priced premium beer
  10. I'm not sure right now, but the beer certainly was.
  11. Who the #$%# are you mother#$%#er?
  12. Updated Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.
  13. newcastle... it was good.
  14. +7
  15. Brown Ale? +1
  16. Coors Light, the poor college student's choice!

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