Last night's "Overhaulin' " episode (Mustang)

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by xDRAN0x, Dec 25, 2004.

  1. Hey, anyone of you guys watched it? Pretty kickass Mustang they have rebuilted with style (except for the wheels), no sissy-like Pimp My Ride accessories and colors.

    But what year was it? and a 514 Crate Engine? is that Really 514ci?
    and I'll try to find some picture, it was just dead gorgeous.
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  3. I hate the wheels, but the rest is awesome.
  4. the guy with the 442 was a member of my oldsmobile board for a little while...i dont know what happened to him
  5. the 514 is a stroker 460
    pretty cheap actualy, only $3,600 for the shortblock at SDPC

  6. they said it has an output of 600horses.
  7. Chip Foose is amazing, he makes some incredible cars. The "Gambler" is nice, but have you seen the Corvette? I think it was a '67.
  8. That is awesome........but the shitty rims
  9. my fave was that 442
    Awesome just awesome
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  12. ive been more impressed by some of their other cars. maybe because i dont like the fastback mustang.

    i do want courtney in my bed though
  13. I've never seen some good set of rims in this show. It's always the same chromed crap.
  14. Anyone watch the 1/8 mile competition they did between some of the cars? The Nova ran the fastest, until Foose went out there with a Camaro and beat it.......
  15. He is now too good for the board, lol.
  16. hahaha....actually, I *think* his wife was pressuring him to sell it...maybe he gave out haha what a waste
  17. the original wheels looked better.
  18. my gfs dad tried to tell me it was a stroked 351W... i was thinkin no f'n way. that makes alot more sense.

    on a side note sheryl crow looks damned scary now. she used to be hot.
  19. the wheels r awesome mustangs just dont look good with chip foose rims
  20. That '70 was my favorite of the cars he's done (of course, I've had 3 '70 Mustang fastbacks). And the wheels looked just fine. They are polished billets, not chrome. There's a difference. They were stylized, oversize replicas of the Shelby wheels available for older Mustangs.

    I especially liked the custom cut tires... Must be nice to have that kind of pull with the manufacturers...
  21. Are they really oversized Shelby rims?? But wow looking at a bigger version of it, sure is ugly.

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