last topic on my VL for a while, i swear.

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  1. i'm crowding this forum with crap about my VL....

    ahwell, OKAY, all i want to know is.... getting 200kw out of a VL... is this possible for under $5000? or $4000 even.

    But not just that power, the price has gotta include the engineers cert, brakes, everything needed with the power upgrade.
  2. At the wheels or engine?
  3. at the engine should be good enough
  4. RB26DET?

    That should be close enough, 187kw for around $2k, then abit of mods here and there and u should hit 200kw no problem, and it bolts right in
  5. RB25DET you mean?
    thats exactly what i'm thinkin. What else do i gotta change? gearbox, etc?

    will my current extractors and exhaust fit?
  6. $4000 on the engine alone you should do it...brakes etc depends on how good you want to go.
  7. Keep your RB30 block & install an RB25DET head on top of it. That way you get far more flow with Supra levels of torque.

    May cost a bit but the results will be great!
  8. the dude that is gonna do it all said that buying an RB30 turbo, reconditioning it, and bigger turbo and intercooler is the way to go, his done so many VLs with RB25s, and ones with the RB25 head etc, but the most reliable/cheapest thing to do is RB30 turbo with bigger turbo and intercooler. 250kw - 300kw he reckons (300kws is pushin it though), and yeah, around $5000 - $6000.

    What do you think? Gonna be so hard to find an RB30ET though, they've all been thrashed to the shithouse. Hopefully theres a VL Calais Turbo half cut i can get a hold of, that way i can slap the Calais front end on aswell.

    My idea changes every day!! ahaha, ahwell, at least i'm researching this a bit.
  9. on the upside, if your VL joins the line up of mangled VLs over the Holiday period, everyone can identify it easily.
  10. i like never drive it. only when i go out with friends, or too church. The rest of the time i'm in the van.
  11. My mate just done that to his VL

    Yeah, you will need gearbox + computer.

    U can get all that under $4k, and you'll have urself a rocket ship.

    Remember, the VL is actually lighter than the R33 GTS-T - and the skyline isint a bad car
  12. The guy who is doing it for me reckons if i drop in an RB25DET, it wont be anywhere near as reliable, and still reckons i gotta change a fair bit, like all the wiring and stuff?

    Have you been in your mates VL yet? Can you tell me how good it is, like does it throw you back into your seat? And do you know of any problems he has encountered during and after all this?

    I want to spend a TOTAL, including install, engineer cert, wiring, everything, of $6000 maxx.
  13. Your country as some stupid laws.
  14. It really goes well

    Problem is, he put temporary tyres on it and one of them failed and ended up driving over a fire hydrant, he #$%#ed the intercooler and the underside of the car, he is fixing it now.

    It drove really well, but he is a auto elec and his bro is a mechanic so there was virtually no labour costs.

    Yes, you have to play with the wiring and stuff like that but being a Japanese engine i dont see reliability being a factor, sure being a turbo is going to cause a few problems down the line but its more of a wear and tear issue.

    I was with him 2nite, if i seen this thread earlier i would have asked him, but next time i do i'll get some info for you.

    What i will tell you though is that this guy is a VERY smart guy, just got into auto elec because he liked it. He knows exactly what he is doing and wouldnt do anything he didnt think was right, and honestly when the car was on the rd it was a beauty.

    U know anyone with a R33? if so, take it for a drive.
  15. Why don't you just sell your VL and buy a R33 GTST?
  16. coz i wanna do up my car?
  17. If you want it to throw you into the back of the seat then no, the RB25DET isn't that kind of engine. It's got a very flat torque delivery & actually feels weak in the midrange. It has good throttle response though (for a turbo) & a spine tingling top end.

    My brother has an R33 GTS25T & it's a nice car but not really that fast. I beat him in my S14 every time with less boost. I think the stock turbo of the RB is the cause because it was designed to offer good drivability, not fantastic tuning results. If you use an RB25DET then go an aftermarket turbo. Then it should REALLY take off.

    I don't know why you would bother tuning the VL though. Save your money because the VL is a very poor handling car & adding more power would make it even more dangerous to drive.
  18. no doubt he'll put new suspension in it at some stage, which will help it handle better.

    i rkn something like an EH would be better to work tho. VLs are done too often these days.
  19. i got all new lowered springs and shocks february 2004, handles pretty good, but the front wheels scrape the guard when turning sharply with a full car. Seeing as there are speed limits, i dont see handling as a problem, i just want that thrust at take off, and like 60km/h - 110km/h should be heaps quicker too

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